Monday, 25 July 2016

NOGALLERY Zauberdraht (magic wire) black

We discovered the Zauberdraht (magic wire) by NOGALLERY at the blickfang design fair 2016 in Basel.
The Zauberdraht is made in Germany and available in 3mm or 6mm and six different colours.
With the Zauberdraht you can create many different words, little objects or shapes and it comes with a sheet with templates to help you bend the wire correctly.
Once you have created the words or objects you want you can either hang the Zauberdraht at the wall or place it somewhere on a shelf or a furniture.
The length of the Zauberdraht is 2m which allows you to create one long word / big object or two small words / small objects.
At first we found it a bit difficult to bend the wire correctly and it takes a bit of patience but once you manage we think it really looks great.
Before creating something new you have to carefully straighten the Zauberdraht to avoid buckling.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Basel Tattoo 2016

The Basel Tattoo 2016 has one big topic - unity. It unites nations from all around the world, nations that used to be in conflict with each other, representing how the Basel Tattoo brings countries together, this year with formations from Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

The Royal Marines from Great Britain play together for the first time with the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force band. They accompany the Japanese singer Yukari Miyake who beautifully sang the Japanese song Inori and Amazing Grace.

The Royal Marines from Great Britain also accompanied the Canadiana Celtic highland dancers, the best dancers from Canada between 16 and 26 which showed us an amazing performance in perfect synchrony.

 For the first time ever the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force band accompanied one of the most impressive acts of the evening for us, the Nippon Sport Science University Shudan-kodo marching team, their performance was from an incredible perfection and speed.

Another highlight of the evening was the 25 years jubilee show of the Top Secret Drum Corps, with active and former members form the age of 18 to 61 showing us their incredible skills and leaving us speechless once again.

During the whole show there were projections matching the performances on the facade of the barrack which created a mysterious and magical atmosphere.

For us this years Basel Tattoo had a big message that showed through the whole show but especially in the first song of the finale "Feel the beat" by Christoph Walter. He wrote this song especially for the Basel Tattoo, and during the song there were projections from pictures from refugees, conflict zones and military and the foreword to the song touched us very much.
It says that after this beautiful show of music and military formations it is important to remember that in many countries around the world people don't have this feeling of safety, home and freedom and are threatened by terror. It is important for everyone to stop being quiet and to make a contribution towards a better world. In times like these it is our duty to help the people make their homes safe again because the refugees' hearts still beat for a return to their roots.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Olivia Talina Fosca Schneider | plastic bags

Outside the I never read book fair during this years art Basel we discovered the work of the young Basel based artist Olivia Talina Fosca Schneider.
Her work is a series of 27 unique photograms of plastic bags.
She realized that she is using a lot of plastic bags for her groceries and decided not to throw them away anymore but to reuse them. During the time period of one year she collected 27 plastic bags like that.
With the method she uses to create the photograms the plastic bags get abstracted and through the exposure method the material and shape of the plastic bags is recorded in a unique way.
As she uses the plastic bag to expose the picture, every picture is one of a kind and unveils its own play with light and shadow only after developing it.
The pictures are sold with the plastic bag that belongs to it.
We love the idea of using waste to create art, and even more when it comes with a message.
It reminds us to avoid using plastic bags whenever possible, and if we have to, to at least re-use them as many times as possible.
We think the photograms she developed are absolutely beautiful and we especially like the idea of selling the pictures with the plastic bag belonging to it.

Of course we had to get one of her photograms too and we picked this one because its shape reminds us of a smoky woman's silhouette and we think it's very beautiful and mysterious.

Friday, 8 July 2016

origami flower ball

After a fantastic season 2015/2016 at the Theater Basel with amazing plays, ballets and operas we decided to create one of our flower origami balls from text passages of our 12 favourite plays at the Theater Basel this year.
We are looking forward to the first premiere of the season 2016/2017, the comedy what you will by William Shakespeare on August 13, taking place outdoors at Augusta Raurica.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Kerbholz | wooden watches

We discovered the fashion brand Kerbholz at the blickfang design fair 2016 and we immediately loved the philosophy of the brand and the beautiful wooden products.
The fashion label was founded in 2012 and produces watches, sunglasses, optical glasses and accessoires.
What we like about the brand, because it is also very important to us, is that they value sustainability very highly. Kerbholz donates shares to reforestation projects and works together with Prima Klima e.V. in Nicaragua. A major amount of the wood Kerbholz uses originates from certified sustainable forestry.
The watches are handmade and have a Swiss parts Ronda movement.
Both our watches are made from Sandalwood, the men's watch is the model Lamprecht sandalwood and has a wristband made from natural wood. The women's watch is the model Adelheid sandalwood tanned brown and has a leather wristband and has a powder coated stainless steel clasp.
The watches are incredibly comfortable to wear and very light.
The clock faces are more of an anthracite colour than it seems in the picture, but with the sun shining directly onto the watch they get this blueish touch. We love the lush colour of the wood  and the natural and minimalist design of the watches.
These watches are an absolute eyecatcher and can be worn casually every day but also for special events.
Kerbholz wants to produce products that are as unique and individual as the person wearing it and their products should accompany you in special moments and experiences. Each Kerbholz watch comes with a "manual to happiness" and when you turn your watch around there is also a beautiful message you carry with you every time you wear your watch:

today is a perfect day for a perfect day