Sunday, 26 June 2016

Theater Basel | Donnerstag aus Licht (thursday from light) by Stockhausen

Donnerstag aus Licht by Stockhausen is the first of Stockhausens seven operas celebrating the creation of the world out of the spirit of music theatre.
The central character is Michael, a modern Orpheus who is incarnated in a human body to bring the music of the heavens to men and the music of men to the heavens.
He is represented on stage in three different ways, his voice through a tenor, his instrument through a trumpeter and his body as a dancer.
Donnerstag aus Licht consists of 5 different parts and goes beyond "normal theater", taking place in three different locations in and around the Theater Basel.
The first part is Michaels greeting, in the foyer of the Theater Basel, followed by the three acts "Michaels Youth", "Michaels journey around the world" and "Michaels return".
The last part, the farewell, takes place outside in front of the Theater Basel.
It is the first time Donnerstag aus Licht is performed in Switzerland and it is performed in German, with German and English surtitles.

Karlheinz Stockhausen was one of the forefathers of new and electronic music and an acoustic visionary, Donnerstag aus Licht is not only an incredibly extensive production with a very versatile stage setting and very elaborate costumes but also the central part of the evening -the music- is very demanding and from an unbelievable draft.
Stockhausen did not only write the libretto and the music but he also wrote exact instructions for the dance and the gestures.

Still in Lydia Steier's production the work gets opened for new interpretative approaches, never breaking but sometimes bending Stockhausens guidelines in order to create a production of Donnerstag aus Licht that can be newly interpreted in the 21st century.

We think Donnerstag aus Licht is an amazing last premiere for a fantastic season, with brilliant singers and musicians.
The piece was incredibly impressive and very deep, leaving us with so much to think about and to interpret and it was very demanding, not only acoustically but also visually.
For that reason we especially liked the farewell, as it not only closed the evening beautifully but it also allowed us to ease down and let all the impressions from the past few hours slowly settle in an almost meditative last part.

Donnerstag aus Licht will play again after the summer break in the season 2016/2017.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

buah | smoothies reinvented

We discovered buah just recently, a brand that solves the problem of not having the time or the patience to prepare fresh fruits every day to enjoy a delicious and healthy smoothie.
The fruits for the buah smoothies are harvested when they are ripe and immediately frozen after harvest. By freeze-drying the fruits remain crunchy and don't get sticky. All the important vitamins and minerals are preserved with this method.
One 32g package of a buah smoothie mix contains just enough ingredients for one glass of smoothie and it can either be mixed with 220ml of water or 250ml milk or soy or oat milk.
There are also bigger packs available for either 500ml or 1500ml.
All the buah smoothies contain 100% freeze-dryed fruits. There are 6 different types of smoothies and we have tried the Energy Bär (energy bear) and the Sonnenschein (sunshine).

The buah energy bear contains banana, blackcurrant, apple, sour cherry and goji berry.
The energy bear provides you with energy for the day and strengthens the immune system.
We really like the slightly sour but still sweet taste of the energy bear.

The buah sunshine contains pineapple, apple, banana, physalis and coconut.
The sunshine is delicious and incredibly sweet, we like the exotic taste it has with the mix of pineapple and coconut and it is the perfect smoothie to start in a sunny summer day.

We love the concept of the buah smoothies and that it is possible with very little effort to drink a fresh, delicious and healthy smoothie everyday.
We like the smoothies best when they are really cold, so you can either add ice cubes before mixing it or put it in the fridge for a moment after mixing, but they are best when enjoyed immediately.

With our discount code csslifestyle4buah you can get 10% off your order from buah (website in German) to discover the different buah smoothies and find your favourite smoothie.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Art Basel 2016 | looking back

Art Basel 2016
The Art Basel 2016 once again brought to us some of the most amazing pieces of art from all around the world.
We captured some of the beautiful art pieces.
Art Unlimited
The Art Unlimited is every year again a highlight for us, with 88 artists exhibiting their works this year, 1/5th of them being newly produced works.
These are some of the works that impressed us the most.
Alicja Kwade - Out of Ousia
Thomas Bayrle - Flugzeug (airplane)
Tunga - Eu, você e a lua (Me, you and the moon)
El Anatsui - Gli (Wall)
Ai Weiwei - White House
Rayyane Tabet - The Dead Sea in Three Parts
Pedro Cabrita Reis - South Wing
Hans Op de Beeck - The Collector's House

Design Miami
At this years Design Miami, 46 leading galleries from all around the world brought their unique designs to Basel.
We take a closer look at just a very small part of this years exhibition.
Design Miami 2016

Parallel to the Art Basel there are always many different art events and exhibitions, amongst others this year the following:

Theater Basel
This year during the Art Basel, the Theater Basel presented Douglas Gordon's "bound to hurt", a very dark but very interesting and thought provoking premiere.
Douglas Gordon - bound to hurt

The Liste is an art fair for young galleries taking place for the 21st time this year, presenting the works of more than 140 artists.
LISTE | art fair Basel 2016

For the 10th time the Scope Basel presented art from all around the world, this year bringing 85 international exhibitors alongside 10 breeder program galleries to Basel.
SCOPE art fair - Basel 2016

For the 12th time the VOLTA art fair took place in Basel this year, with 68 exhibitors presenting their art.
Volta12 - Basel 2016

Due to a problem with our camera we were not able to post the streetstyle pictures we took from some of the visitors this year, we are very sorry about that and are looking forward to hopefully see all the uniquely dressed, open minded and individual people again next year.

In a time where there are so many conflicts and crises all around the world, art can offer you a way to deal with your emotions, find peace for a moment, let your mind wander and be inspired.
Art has no race, no religion and no boundaries so fulfill your dreams, make your creative visions a reality and live together respectfully in harmony and in peace.

Goodbye Art Basel 2016, we will not forget you!

Steve McQueen
Remember Me, 2016
Marian Goodman Gallery

VOLTA12 Basel 2016

The VOLTA art fair debuted in Basel in 2005 and is Basels renowned art fair for new international positions. 68 exhibitors present their art this year and these are some of the fantastic artworks that caught our eyes.

Ulrich Vogl
Untitled II, 2016
Kevin Kavanagh

We like the equilibrium of this installation and think it has something peaceful and calming when looking at it.
It moves slowly according to the air floating through the room which we find very relaxing and beautiful to look at.

Thrush Holmes
Beers London

Thrush Holmes elevates still lives and reclining nudes to an almost cult-like status, illuminating parts of the works in neon tubes arranged in matching shapes.
We find the combination of the classic painting and the modern lights very fascinating.

Asuka Sakuma
etude2016-02, 2016
Gallery Kogure

Asuka Sakuma creates her works with common discarded things she collects, reading newspaper every day and afterwards rolling them.
We love the upcycling character of her her works and how she manages to create wonderful pieces of art and landscapes of recycled materials that are beautiful and thought-provoking at the same time.

Paolo Cavinato
Wing, 2016
The Flat - Massimo Carasi

What we like about Paolo Cavinato's Wing is the clean, geometric design and especially the shadows it casts on the wall, making it seem deeper and wider.
With his work he aims to reach the so-called fifth dimension, that of the spirit and infinity.

Lesley Hilling
El Barrio, 2016
Knight Webb Gallery

The beautiful construction of different wooden objects El Barrio by Lesley Hilling is like a maze of wood, when looking at it you always discover new details and the sculpture is woven with memories and associations.
We generally like the use of natural materials like wood in art and think this pieces is very original.

SCOPE art fair Basel 2016

The 10th edition of the SCOPE Basel took place this year at the new location Clarahuus in walking distance from the Art Basel.
SCOPE Basel presents 85 international exhibitors alongside 10 breeder program galleries from four continents and over twenty countries.
These are some of the works that caught our eyes:

Lionel Scoccimaro
Tondo, 2012
Galerie Dukan

Lionel Scoccimaro's Tondo is a large work (180 x 180 x 45) that can be hung at the wall or placed flat on the floor. The shape is inspired by the Chinese conical hats and we like the effect the overlapping wooden planks have.

Alan Craig
Samo (Basquiat)
Heitsch Gallery 

We really like the details of this piece, when you look from far it looks just like a regular painting but when you get closer you can see the image is painted from little humans bending, walking, and standing around.

Eduardas Racevicius
So much to think about
chiefs and spirits 

We find Eduardas Racevicius' So much to think about absolutely beautiful, the sculptures being party carved carefully from wood and some other parts being just left naturally we think they are an eye catcher and literally giving you much to think about when looking at them.

Sipho Mabona
Crease Patterns
Aureus Contemporary

In his Crease Patterns Switzerland based artist Sipho Mabona is working to create Origami structures while also disassembling them to create new and diverse pattern arrangements.
When the paper is flat you can not tell what origami animal it once was and only by refolding it you could find out.
We love the beautiful symmetry of these unfolded papers and especially the idea of painting parts of them like in a mandala.

Jochen Höller
Oracle, 2015/2016
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

Jochen Höller's Oracle is created from books where the texts seem to float out towards the center of the piece. The texts are not just randomly cut out but glued on to paper in the order of the book, one line after the other.
We find it fascinating to look at the book, imagining all the wisdom and stories of all these books flowing towards the center and disappearing there.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Design Miami | Basel 2016

The 11th edition of the Design Miami brought to Basel 46 leading galleries from around the world with their exceptional modern and contemporary furniture and objects d'art.
We always love to walk through these fairs, discovering beautifully designed and carefully crafted furniture and decoration objects.

In the entrance area of the fair there is the installation "in a silent space the landscape is the sound" presented by Enea Landscape architecture.
The meditation space is created by Izumi & Hara as a protective shell for anyone looking for a moment of calm. The high and dense bamboo has a very protective effect and the marble tree in the middle emphasizes the atmosphere of safety and calm. The root bale of the ancient Japanese maple tree is tied using the ancient Japanese bondage technique shibari, which also has a meditating effect on the person performing it. For us this natural installation was a beautiful start to walk through the fair, also because we discovered many wonderful designs inspired by nature.

One of the pieces at the Design Miami that immediately caught our eyes with its absolutely unique and very natural design was the growth table by designer Mathias Bengtsson, exhibited by Galerie Maria Wettergren.

The designer has always wondered what a chair or a table would look like if it could be grown directly from nature, so he literally started the growth of the table as a digital seed, programmed with DNA that included instruction on the height at which the seed should grow a flat surface. During the growth meteorological conditions were randomly applied to make sure the table gets an organic look.
Not only the technology is absolutely fascinating but also the craftsmanship is excellent, creating wonderfully detailed unique pieces.

Another amazing piece by Galerie Maria Wettergren is the Pyramid Table by Rasmus Fenhann.
We love the pyramid tables geometric and perfectly symmetric design and the glass plate allows you to see the entireness of this extraordinary piece also from above.
The designers work is guided by the principles of simplicity, repetition and respect for wood as a living material and each piece is the result of precise and exquisite handicraft.

Artworks VI

Jeff Koons
Gazing Ball (Titan Mars, Venus and Cupid), 2014-2015
Gagosian Gallery

Giuseppe Penone
Pelle di marmo, 2006
Konrad Fischer Galerie Berlin

Barthélémy Toguo
Forever Growing, 2016
Galerie Lelong

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen
Scissors with Thread Spool, 1989
Paula Cooper Gallery 

Otto Piene
Sky or Flash 1974/75
Löhrl Gallery

Art Unlimited 2016 | Hans Op de Beeck - The Collector's House

Hans Op de Beecks Collector's House is for us one of the most impressive installations of the Unlimited 2016.
You enter a grey room, to us it seems like a mix of a public park and a private room, filled with sculptures, paintings, furniture and books, all fully sculpted and handcrafted from soft grey plaster.
We feel like entering a space where everything is frozen, covered with a soft grey layer of dust, the room seems a combination of dead and abandoned or just asleep, about to shake off the dust and just move on.
The only bright thing in the room are the white water lilies, like objects of live and hope in an apart from that lifeless room.
There is so much to discover in there that we could have spent hours just walking through the Collector's House and discovering all the little details.
The atmosphere is at the same time disturbing and incredibly peaceful and we were absolutely fascinated by the mysterious mood in The Collector's House.

Art Unlimited 2016 | Pedro Cabrita Reis - South Wing

South Wing by Pedro Cabrita Reis is an installation consisting of materials from places formerly inhabited.
You don't know where the doors come from, they could be from a private home, a prison, an asylum or a social housing.
South wing is about exclusion, rejection, being outcast.
When we look at it we get an oppressive feeling as there are so many doors but wherever they may come from, now they lead nowhere.
The door for us is not only a possibility to go in somewhere but also a barrier that can prevent you from going in or getting out of somewhere.
Especially because it is so long (12 meters) the installation is very impressive and stands in the hall like a barrier.

Art Unlimited 2016 | Rayyane Tabet - The Dead Sea in Three Parts

Rayyane Tabet's The Dead Sea in three parts from 1993 looks at the formal consequences of the dividing of the dead sea between Jordan, Israel and Palestine.
He Takes the volume of the body of water and cuts it along these demarcation light, where only the Jordanian side remains upright (as the deepest point of the dead sea lies there) and the two other sides collapse to the floor.
We find the work thought provoking, not only about politics but also about the nature (the shrinking of the dead sea) and mankind and its influence on nature in general.

Artworks V

Jerry Zeniuk
Untitled, 2015
Konrad Fischer Galerie Berlin

Michel François
Enroulement, 2016
Xavier Hufkens Gallery

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov
The Six Paintings about the Temporary Loss of Eyesight (at the Outskirts of the Forest), 2015
Pace Gallery

Jane Lee
AM I, 2016
STPI creative workshop & Gallery

Louise Bourgeois
Untitled, 2005
Galerie Karsten Greve

Art Unlimited 2016 | Ai Weiwei - White House

The White House by Ai Weiwei is the frame of a residential home from southern China built during the Quing Dynasty 1644-1911.
The skeleton of the house embodies life stories and the original wooden skeleton is covered with a thick coating of white industrial paint.
Through the paint the structure of the wood is still visible which we think emphasizes the rural character of the construction.
The White House is also a metaphor for China's urbanization and the recent modernization and industrialization that has overtaken China's history and tradition.
The skeleton is supported by bases cast from solid crystal glass and the whole installation is very spectacular and impressive, allowing us to imagine all of the stories the house embodies.
The age of the house and how it is no longer efficient and therefore left to ruin also questions our relationship to the past and all the values that dominate our lives.

Art Unlimited 2016 | Pamela Rosenkranz - Blue Runs

Blue Runs by Pamela Rosenkranz is a very simple installation, consisting only of a common sink and a continuously recycled blue water stream flowing through it.
In Rosenkranz' works the colour blue is a recurring element and it is what catches the eye in this installation too.
"The perception of blue as a colour within the visible spectrum of the human eye started at a stage when creatures only existed under the sea. After life started to thrive on land, the eye began to grasp the full spectrum that we see today. As a result of this heritage, we can still perceive much more of the colour blue than any other colour that our eyes are able to perceive."
Thinking about this information we realized that blue indeed is a very pristine colour, and a colour not only associated with the sky but also with water, every kid who draws a lake or the sea will most likely paint it blue.
Looking at this installation, as simple as it may be, has a relaxing effect. Especially the sound of the water splashing against the sink is very calming almost like a fountain, and the running water creates an aural effect as it splashes against the sink.

Art Unlimited 2016 | Isa Genzken - Wasserspeier and Angels

Isa Genken, a Berlin based artist, was inspired by the gargoyles of the cathedral in Cologne for her installation Wasserspeier (gargoyles) and Angels.
The Gargoyles were initially used as watersprouts gracing the church fronts.
She was immediately fascinated by the terrible faces of the gargoyles and as she could not take any of the original ones to London she decided to create her own gargoyles.
In the installations she combines formal elements of traditional sculpture with modern and abstract elements.
We find the installation very interesting and many-sided and when you look closely you can find many German elements in it, like the clock for punctuality, the German slot machine or the flat iron for cleanliness.
The installation leaves much room for interpretation and to read it in your own way.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Artworks IV

Nate Lowman
Arles Jr, 2016

Monika Sosnowska
Rubble, 2015

Katja Strunz
Pulp Paper VII, 2014
Contemporary Fine Arts

Laure Prouvost
This sign is so enthusiastic, 2011
carlier gebauer

Tomas Saraceno
GJ 649 b/M+M, 2016
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Art Unlimited 2016 | Ariel Schlesinger - Two Good Reasons

Two Good Reason by Ariel Schlesinger is an installation consisting of two white square polypropilane sheets on a wooden platform that are driven by an engine in a way that it looks like they are dancing with each other.
We find this installation absolutely wonderful, it is continuously the same movement, both sheets lay flat on the ground and then start to slowly raise up together until they separate and fall flat down again.
This "endless dance" has something incredibly peaceful and calming for us and in combination with the title two good reasons even something hopeful.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Art Unlimited 2016 | Bill Beckley - Deirdre's Lip

Bill Beckley's Deirdre's Lip is a work from 1978, where he wanted to create works that were both images and text at the same time.
The images do not illustrate the texts and the texts do not explain the images, but they float together as one.
Exactly this combination of text and images is what makes the work very interesting and complex for us. We can stand in front of it for a very long time either just looking at the images and imagining what they tell us or letting our own images cross our mind when we just read the text or of course looking at the whole work at once, taking it in as one piece.
For us the red lips have something sensual and strong and are a contrast to the mysteriously cloudy sky and landscape.

Art Unlimited 2016 | Vlassis Caniaris - In Praise

Vlassis Caniaris' work In Praise from 1993 consists of vintage cement sacks piled up and wrapped with Greek flags.
Even though the work is more than 20 years old it is now timelier than ever.
The work is very imposing and for us when we look at it it reminds us of many different things like a construction site, crisis and even of a dike to prevent flooding.
Thinking about the title In Praise it is even constructed almost like a funereal monument.
We think the installation is very thought-provoking, not only about Greece but about the whole world.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Art Basel | Artworks III

Remo Salvadori
la stanza delle tazze, 2016
Galleria Christian Stein Milano

Clive Head
To the Silence of Tiresias, 2016
Landau Fine Art

 Pablo Picasso
Le Peintre au Chapeau, 1965
HN Gallery 

Werner Büttner
Dilemma Kid, 2014

Matt Saunders
Ilsted (Annie) #2, 2015
Niels Borch Jensen