Friday, 13 May 2016

Theater Basel | Melancholia

Melancholia plays at the Theater Basel, a music and dance theatre in co-production with the young Theater Basel by Sebastian Nübling and Ives Thuwis.
It is invited to the Holland Festival 2016 and will play there on June 14 and 15 in the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam.
Melancholia is a very emotional piece, combining dance, movements, movie and singing to express emotions and tell a story about our society.
It shows us contrasts like stress and rapid movements and slow motion, loud shouting and whispering, sadness and loneliness and happiness and euphoria, which creates a very intense atmosphere, a chaos of contrasts that is still somehow structured.
It shows us a person that feels lonely even though he is surrounded by many others, constant stress because of smartphones and how everyone is rushing through his own life story without even noticing the people around them.
But still it presents melancholy not only as a depressing emotion but also as a chance to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and dream about things that are yet to come.
The orchestra with the beautiful old baroque instruments is on stage all the time and also somehow involved in the happenings.
The performers were fantastic and we think it is very impressive how it doesn't need a lot of words to tell some stories, Melancholia really touched us and is in its own way thought-provoking.


Tim Mead 
Bryony Dwyer 
Sofia Pavone 
Nathan Haller 
José Coca Loza 
Giacomo Schiavo 

La Cetra Barockorchester Basel 

Lee-Ann Aerni Josef Albani Martha Benedict Olivier Boog Anna Lena Bucher Samuel Büttler Lina Eckert Anna Gerber Andrew Hale Lou Haltinner Alina Immoos Aileen Lakatos Alexander Megert Joris Mundwyler Julius Schröder Leah Studinger Kay Studinger Gina Töngi Denis Wagner

musical direction: Andrea Marcon
production and choreography: Sebastian Nübling, Ives Thuwis
stage: Muriel Gerstner
costume: Marion Münch
sound design: Tobias Koch
video: Tabea Rothfuchs
dramatic composition: Laura Berman, Uwe Heinrich, Dorothee Harpain
musical assistance / research: Johannes Keller, David Blunden

picture © Sandra Then

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