Sunday, 29 May 2016

Simon Stone | The daughter

Actor, theatre director and dramatist Simon Stone made his film debut with The Daughter, his production based on Henrik Ibsens play the wild duck.
It was shown during the bildrausch film festival at the kult kino atelier in Basel.
The story takes place in todays rural Australia, being as dramatic and fateful as it was back in 1884 in Norway.
Christian returns to his roots for his fathers wedding to fulfill his family responsibilities and meets his old friend and his family.
Old conflicts break out again and hidden secrets come to the surface that should have better remained covered.
We love the camera work as it is really captivating and has a very special dynamic following the emotions and the happenings of the story, sometimes making us feel like an outside observer and sometimes like we are right at the heart of the action.
The landscape shots are absolutely stunning and especially the forest that is shown, sometimes foggy and sometimes bathed in warm sunlight is a metaphor for the mood in the movie for us.
After being absolutely thrilled by his work at the Theater Basel with Angels in America and John Gabriel Borkman, we were looking forward to see the daughter and think it was absolutely fantastic, we liked it very much.

The Daughter
Australia 2015
96min., colour, dcp, E/g
direction: Simon Stone
book: Henrik Ibsen, Simon Stone
camera: Andrew Commis
editing: Veronika Jenet
music: Mark Bradshaw
sound: Catriel Vildosa

With Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Anna Torv, Mirando Ott, Paul Schneider

producers:Jan Chapman, Nicole O'Donohue

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