Tuesday, 31 May 2016

moebe | frame black

We got some new frames by moebe, a Scandinavian design brand consisting of cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architects Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D. Christensen based in Copenhagen.
We discovered the brand at the design fair blickfang 2016 in Basel.
The frame is reduced to its core, consisting only of two pieces of acrylic glass, a frame made from four pieces (either oak or powder coated aluminium) and a rubber band.
The rubber band has two functions, it holds the frame together and can also be used for hanging the frame on the wall. You can also just lean it against the wall or a window and the rubber band will disappear completely in the frame.
The frame is sold in three sizes, A3, A4 and A5 and comes in two styles, either wooden made from oak or black made from powder coated aluminium.
To clean the frame if neccessary, just use a soft microfibre cloth to avoid scratching the acrylic glass.
We love the simplicity of the frame and that with one product you get so many opportunities to decorate your home.
Either you can dry your favourite plants, or just put a drawing or a photograph between the two acrylic glasses or you can redecorate it every week with new, seasonal leafs, herbs or flowers.
There are no limits to your creativity and we had a lot of fun to fill our frames will all different leafs and flowers we could find.

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