Friday, 6 May 2016

LUSH | mother's day 2016

For mother's day 2016 LUSH created a range of new products and our two favourites are the flowering tea reusable bubble bar and the yummy mummy shower cream.

The flowering tea is a reusable bubble bar which you can hold under running water to release the beneficial blend and get mountains of soft foam.
We love the scent of it and think it is very sensual and relaxing, containing blue cornflowers, orange flower and rosewood.
Inside the teabag are little dry blue cornflower petals that will release once the surrounding bubble bar has dissolved, which looks beautiful in the warer.
The flowering tea bath leaves the skin incredibly soft and with a wonderful scent.

The mummy yummy shower cream is very rich and deeply nourishing, with fair trade organic cocoa butter and tonka absolute.
It contains Brazilian orange oils which refresh and rejuvenate the skin and geranium oils for a toning and balancing effect.
The scent is very fresh and sweet and remains on the skin for a very long time, we think it just spreads a good and summery mood.

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