Sunday, 17 April 2016

Theater Basel | Macbeth

Verdis opera Macbeth staged by Oliver Py is one of Shakespeares most popular tragedies and also a very dark one.
Macbeth literally walks over dead bodies to become king with the support of his wife, lady Macbeth. Macbeth questions the witches about his future and kills everyone who gets in his way, he is a tyrant but at the same time the feelings of guilt drive him mad.
Macbeth is a story of power, cruelty and madness and Oliver Pys production is very gloomy and cold.
The stage set is complex and keeps moving and changing during the play and the cold brick walls create a constricting atmosphere.
The Macbeth ensemble consists of about 50 people and in scenes with the choir the stage is very crowded what intensifies the feeling even more.
The singers are incredible and captivate the audience from the first to the last note and the live music under the musical direction of conductor Erik Nielsen is absolutely fantastic.

Vladislav Sulimsky as MACBETH
Callum Thorpe as BANQUO
Katia Pellegrino as LADY MACBETH
Agata Wilewska and Valentina Marghinotti as THE LADYS CHAMBERMAIDS
Demos Flemotomos as MACDUFF
Markus Nykänen and Rolf Romei as MALCOLM
Andrew Murphy as DOCTOR
Vladimir Vassilev as APPARITION 1
Léonce Aklin and Noah Gysin as APPARITION 2
Victor Fernandez-Garcia and Jarin Schläfli as APPARITION 3
Martin Krämer as A HERALD

Theater Basel choir, symphony orchestra Basel

musical direction: Erik Nielsen
production: Oliver Py
stage and costume: Pierre-André Weitz
dramatic composition: Pavel B. Jiracek
light: Bertrand Killy
choir: Henryk Polus

picture © Sandra Then

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