Saturday, 23 April 2016

Theater Basel | Heuschrecken (locusts)

Locusts is a play by Biljana Srbljanović, a comedy about the different problems and challenges of everyday life of three generations.
The stage set reminds us a bit of a one floor doll house as it is parted in many little squares and in each of them you find different items connected to the person it belongs to.
We gain an insight into different families and individuals and somehow they are all connected, always moving together on stage, running, jumping or just walking.
Biljana Srbljanović plays with one big network of relationships, with heated discussions and biting humour.
One thing all of the protagonists have in common is that they all seem to be very old, not only because of their age but because of their bitterness or distrust.
As the stage set is very small and all the squares are one right next to the other it creates a certain intimacy and makes the audience feel closely connected to the protagonists.

Pia Händler as NADEŽDA
Vincent Leittersdorf as MILAN
Nicola Kirsch as DADA
Thomas Schweiberer as FREDI
Katja Jung as ALLEGRA
Barbara Horvath as ŽANA
Thomas Reisinger as MAKSIM
Urs Peter Halter as MR IGNJATOVIC
Marc Wyss / Heinz Augsburger as MR JOVIC
Michael Wächter as MR SIMIC

production: Miloš Lolić 
stage: Hyun Chu
costumes Jelena Miletić
composition: Nevena Glušica
dramatic composition: Almut Wagner

picture © Sandra Then

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