Saturday, 9 April 2016

Theater Basel | cherry picking

The youth club opera from the Theater Basel played cherry picking last night, a 2 hour show in the style of Monty Python, made up like a late night show called the mysteries of the human mind / a summer night's dream.
In a mix of music, singing, comedy and tragic-comedy, an ensemble of 15 actors and 3 musicians lead us through the evening, partly singing and acting solo and partly as one large group of people or a choir.
There were different storylines that came together from time to time, the presenter of the show and her assistant who is watching flying sheep, two lovers trying to run away, a girl following her lover who does not love her back, a young man with a bicycle trying to find the place where he can get flying lessons and the king who (with the help of his assistant) intrigues against his former lover.
The play was incredibly entertaining, we laughed a lot and the actors / singers are very talented. The costumes are beautiful and we also liked the stage set a lot, with trees hanging from the ceiling and high tuft of grass.

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