Monday, 18 April 2016

H&M world recycle week 2016

To make as many people as possible aware of the H&M world recycle week, H&M has teamed up with M.I.A who wrote the song "rewear it" especially for the project.
We think the beat is very catchy and we like the video a lot, especially the beginning where it starts with the message and then goes smoothly over into the song.
From April 18-24 2016 is the H&M world recycle week, the message is easy, bring your old or broken clothes to your closest store and the goal is very high, H&M wants to collect 1000 tons of old garments in one week.
From there the clothes are shipped to sorting stations where they are sorted to become either re-worn, re-used or recycled.
H&M wants to raise the peoples awareness for the planet, the environment and for the fact that the resources are limited, which we think this is a very important topic.
Especially for H&M as one of the biggest fast-fashion companies, we think it is important and great that they get involved and with this project they take another step in the right direction.
It is the perfect time to clean out your closet and H&M donates money for charity for every kilogram of collected garments.
Consciousness is important and we love fashion, but we think it is better to purchase less clothes at a time but selected pieces that you will love and wear for a very long time.

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