Thursday, 21 April 2016

Edamama pasta

Superfood inspired by nature - by the Swiss brand Edamama, comes in an attractive packaging with many little messages like "all natural", "tasty meets healthy", "boosts your metabolic activity", "I was a bean before it was cool" and many more.
The Edamama pasta is available in three different types, edamame noodles, soybean noodles and black bean spaghetti.
All ingredients are 100% natural and organic and the beans are grown in the black earth of the steppes of Mongolia and the pasta is 100% vegan.
The pasta is rich in protein, fibre and iron, gluten and cholesterol free and low carb.
No matter if you are vegan or not we think this pasta is absolutely delicious and the perfect alternative to regular pasta and a great way to bring variety into the kitchen, the three different colours also look beautiful on the plate.
We like to eat them plain, just with organic olive oil and fleur de sel as we really like the taste of the pasta.
You can also add fresh vegetables or sauces and the black bean spaghetti are especially delicious with a freshly homemade organic basil pesto.
The packages contain 200g of pasta which is more than enough for two people if you eat it plain, if you add fresh vegetables we think it is even enough for three as the pasta is very filling.
The pasta is available online through the edamama website.

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