Monday, 25 April 2016

Areaware reality brush vase designed by Harry Allen

The reality brush vase by Areaware is designed by Harry Allen as a part of his reality series.
The vase is made from resin and marble and looks incredibly realistic, just like a bunch of paint brushes soaked in paint. It was originally intended to hold paint brushes but to make it possible to still use it as a vase, it comes with a glass insert to hold water.
We love the design as it raises something ordinary to the extraordinary and it is very arty.
The vase is very decorative with or without flowers and an eye-catcher in every room.
The vase comes in white and chrome, we prefer the white one as we love white vases and we also think that it accentuates the colours of the flowers even more.
The asymmetric shape of the vase holds long flowers perfectly but what we think is very special is when you place a small and tight bouquet of flowers in the vase, like in the second picture.
Like that you can hardly see it from the side but when you look inside from above it reminds us of a colour palette.

The beautiful flower arrangements were created by the florists at au Bouquet, a flower shop in Basel with an incredible choice of wonderful flowers and plants and they once again managed to exceed our expectations.
The Areaware reality brush vase is available on

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