Sunday, 6 March 2016

Jonathan Adler | ceramic candle muse blanc

The Jonathan Adler muse blanc ceramic candle is an absolute must-have for everyone who loves extraordinary design and candles.
It comes in a minimalist white box that has a face on every side of the box, and the front face has a little heart in the eye.
We think that already the box is very decorative and it would be a pity to throw it away after taking the candle out.

The porcelain vessel is translucent so it has a beautiful glow when the candle burns. It has six faces that always share the eyes with the face next to it, which creates a very interesting optical effect as when you look at one face you automatically also see half of the face next to it.
We love the arty design of the candle as it is very decorative and unique and for us it has something mysterious and very sensual to it.
The scent of the candle is floral and reminds us of a sunny spring day with the scent of fresh cut grass and flowers in the air.
The scent is very tender and invites us to dream and relax.
After the candle has burnt down the vessel can be used for anything you can think of, as a vase, as a candle holder or just for decoration.

The candle is available on and with our special discount code ccsloves you get 10% off your order until the 21st April 2016!

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