Friday, 5 February 2016

Theater Basel | Ödipus

Sophokles' Oedipus premiered at the Theater Basel this evening in a version by Antonio Latella and Frederico Bellini. The king Oedipus can't sleep and is haunted by the same dream over and over again. The pest rages in Theben and the queen Iokaste sends her brother Kreon out to the Delphic Oracle to ask for advice.
The message he brings back form Delphi raises new questions about the death of former king Laios, and predicts that only by finding his murderer and sending him into exile the people of Theben can be freed from the pest.
Central in the play is the relationship between Iokaste and Oedipus, and during the play we can see the tragedy in both their individual stories as much as in their common history.
The main play takes place on one platform on the stage that is the bedroom of Oedipus and Iokaste, what happens around it is rather supporting the main action and creating a perfect surrounding for some scenes.
The music, sound effects and special effects are used perfectly creating a very special atmosphere, and especially the scene where it rains in their bedroom (picture below) is very intense and got under our skin.
We think the actors in the play were absolutely brilliant and the story goes very deep, illustrating merciless the tragic story of Oedipus and his family, we were captivated from the first minute.

Michael Wächter as OEDIPUS
Barbara Horvath as IOKASTE
Thomas Reisinger as KREON
Simon Zagermann as SERVANT
Martin Hug as TEIRESIAS
Matteo Pennese as MUSICIAN / TRUMPETER

production: Antonio Latella
composition: Franco Visioli
stage & costume: Simone D'Amico, Simone Mannino
music: Franco Visioli
dramatic composition: Ewald Palmetshofer, Frederico Bellini

picture © Theater Basel

We think the Oedipus advertisement picture is fantastic as the play is very tragic and dark and still very colourful through all the facets it has, with the staring eye and the rainbow colours we think this picture is the perfect illustration for that.

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