Monday, 29 February 2016

rivelles | broccoli silky shampoo & conditioner

rivelles is an Austrian brand that stands for 100% natural ingredients from the highest quality, almost all the ingredients are certified organic and there are no artificial additives.
The products are produced in Austria and carefully packed in packages made in Europe.
All the rivelles products are vegan and the plastic packagings are made from bio-plastic made of waste from the wood industry.
This philosophy and the deep appreciation for nature and the environment is what we find very impressive and is something that is also very important to us.

Broccoli is very healthy (and delicious) but we have never seen it in a shampoo or conditioner before, so we were very curious about what to expect.
We have been using the rivelles broccoli silky shampoo and conditioner for a while and really like the effect it has on the hair, our hair feels strong and very healthy.
The scent of the shampoo and conditioner is not strong, flowery sweet and very natural and we like it a lot.
The shampoo doesn't foam much and the consistency is a bit like a gel, it cleans the hair very gently.
The conditioner nourishes the hair and leaves it soft and silky and with a beautiful natural shine.
The broccoli line is deeply moisturizing and protects the hair from damage and external stress factors.
The shampoo has an anti-aging effect on the hair due to its antioxidant properties.
The broccoli silky shampoo and conditioner contain (amongst others) broccoli-seed-oil, argan oil and coriander-seed-oil.
We like the simple packaging and the black on white writing is a nice contrast to the brownish colour of the bottle. The shampoo and conditioner have a carton cover which has all the information about the product on it. When you remove it the bottle is just brown and it only says"rivelles broccoli silky shampoo" in white on it. We really like that minimalist design and think it is very matching for the pure natural product inside.

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