Sunday, 21 February 2016


The packaging of the new MOSCHINO fragrance is very modern, simple and elegant, a white coffret with black writing and gold detailing.
About what you'd expect from the packaging of a fragrance.
But what is inside, is something completely different to everything we have ever seen.

For MOSCHINO's new fragrance FRESH Couture, Jeremy Scott got inspired by the most common of all products, a household cleaner.
We think the combination of something as basic and inexpensive as a cleaner and something as luxurious as a fragrance is brilliant and unique and very Jeremy Scott.
When we first saw the pictures of the fragrance we could not imagine what it would look and feel like when we hold it in our hands and we found it hard to imagine what the fragrance would smell like.
The glass bottle is heavy and very high-quality and the spray head is made from plastic, which you have to remove to use the fragrance.
The fragrance contains citrusy notes of mandarin and bergamot, raspberry that adds a fruity touch, the very sensual ylang ylang and a floral heart of white peony and osmantus.
We think it is sweet and very fresh, a really feminin scent that remains on the skin during the whole day, and it is definitely an eye-catcher whenever you take your little "cleaner" out of your bag to get a boost of FRESHness.

Face of the campaign is Linda Evangelista shot by Steven Meisel and directed by Jeremy Scott and the fragrance is presented in an ironic, funny and very unique way, which we think is fantastic.


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