Monday, 8 February 2016

LUSH | lover lamp bath bomb

The Lush lover lamp bath bomb is a bath bomb filled with lovely tiny red hearts and bigger hearts made from fair trade organic cocoa butter. We have first filled the bathtub with water and then took the lover lamp into the water with us. You can watch it slowly dissolve in the water, setting the hearts free. It makes the water incredibly soft and fills the whole bathroom with a wonderful sweet and fruity scent. 
The lover lamp contains fair trade vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil. The water is white and slightly shimmery but this is not visible on the skin.
We used the big cocoa butter hearts to rub into our skin, which left our skin nourished and incredibly soft. 
We think the scent is absolutely wonderful, it is very comforting and uplifting, so the lover lamp is the perfect choice for a romantic bath.

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