Friday, 15 January 2016

Theater Basel | Nirgends in Friede. Antigone (nowhere in peace. Antigone)

The antic tragedy Antigone by Sophokles is transferred to a contemporary context by the swiss dramatist Darja Stocker.
Ödipus' sons Polineikes and Eteokles have died, and the new king of Theben, Kreon, only allows Eteokles to be buried properly, as he says Polineikes is a traitor. His sister Antigone can not accept this and defies the kings wish.
It is a very current topic to talk about victims, political conflicts and the medias reaction to deaths.
For us it is incredible how such an old story can still be so suitable for todays times and conflicts and we think it is a great production.
Antigone is played by three actresses which adds a special dynamic to the scenes where she interacts with her sister or the king or just talks to the audience.
For us the music is chosen perfectly for the play and there is even a life performance by one of the actresses (Pia Händler). Also there are great special effects and the whole staging of the play is very catching.

Lisa Stiegler as ANTIGONE 1
Nicola Kirsch as ANTIGONE 2
Cathrin Störmer as ANTIGNOE 3
Simon Zagermann as HAIMON
Pia Händler as ISMENE
Steffen Höld as KREON
Martin Hug as GUARD

production: Felicitas Brucker
stage: Viva Schudt
costume: Sara Schwartz
music: Patric Catani
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer

picture © Sandra Then

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