Sunday, 10 January 2016

Theater Basel | Konstellationen (constellations)

Konstellationen (constellations) is a play with only two actors who in the beginning of the play meet for the first time at a party. In the following the play shows us all different kinds of possibilities of how their relationship can evolve.
The british dramatist Nick Payne chooses the model of the multiversum as a basis for the play, showing us how many possible outcomes there are for each situation.
For us the play is thought provoking and philosophical and makes us think about how every decision we make affects our life and our future.
We were impressed by how quickly the actors jumped from one "reality" to the next one and therefore also from one emotion to another.
The switch between the different "realities" was accentuated by a sudden change of lights which we think was the perfect effect for the completely empty stage where the whole space was used by the two actors during the play.

Nicola Kirsch as MARIANNE
Thiemo Strutzenberger as ROLAND

production: Ramin Gray
dramatic composition: Brigitte Auer

picture © Alexi Pelekanos

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