Saturday, 23 January 2016

Theater Basel | Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar was first published in 1970 as a music album. The rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice combines classical music, rock and the hippie-feeling to one fantastic album. The rock opera plays now in Basel, telling the last seven days of Jesus from Judas' point of view. It raises one fundamental question that stays unanswered during all the show, which is what is more important; the message or the messenger? It is a question that is still very up-to-date.
In the play the focus is very strongly on the "human" sides of Jesus, his emotions, his anger and his frustration about feeling misunderstood.
This focus is what made us feel very strongly for the character during the play.
What we think was fantastic was that during many scenes there were a lot of people on the stage, as one big choir, singing and dancing, representing the admirers of Jesus. This created a strong dynamic which was very captivating.
The show was accompanied by a life band which made whole show even more impressive.

Alexander Klaws as JESUS CHRIST
Patrick Stanke as JUDAS ISCARIOT
Andrea Sanchez del Solar as MARY MAGDALENE
Andrea Matthias Pagani as PONTIUS PILATE
Andrew Murphy as CAIAPHAS
Vahan Markaryan as ANNAS
Karl-Heinz Brandt as KING HEROD
Tim Ludwig as PETER
Jeffrey Italiaander as SIMON ZEALOTES
Wladyslaw W. Dylag as 1. PRIEST
Krzysztof Debicki as 2. PRIEST
Vivian Zatta as 3. PRIEST

Dancers: Irene Andreetto, Mirjam Karvat, Daniel Kenel, Jonas Furrer, Mukdanin Daniel Phongpachith
Woodwind I (Jesus all-stars): Ales Koblizek, Nico Seibold
Horn (Jesus all-stars): Mark Gebhardt
Trumpet (Jesus all-stars): Giovanni Siveroni
Keyboard (Jesus all-stars): Leonid Maximov
Keyboard 2 (Jesus all-stars): Dirk Wochner
Percussion (Jesus all-stars): Alex Wäber, Timo Stegmüller
Guitar 1 (Jesus all-stars): Jan Fitschen
Guitar 2 (Jesus all-stars): Michael Goldschmidt
Bass Guitar  (Jesus all-stars): Thierry Humbel, Daniel Fricker
Drums (Jesus all-stars): Martin Altenbach, Lorenz Rutigliano

Theater Basel choir
Münster gospel choir

musical direction: Ansi Verwey
production: Tom Ryser
choreography: Lillian Stillwell
stage & costume: Stefan Rieckhoff
dramatic composition: Juliane Luster
choir: Henryk Polus

picture © Sandra Then

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