Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Marula Oil | Rare Oil Treatment & Rare Oil intensive masque

Paul Mitchells Marula Oil collection is made from rare natural marula oil which contains a high amount of nutrients and is very hydrating and moisturizing for the hair.
We have been using the rare oil treatment and the rare oil intensive masque and both products are great and leave the hair super-soft and with a beautiful natural shine.
It is deeply nurturing and with the time release technology a fresh burst of marula oil is delivered every time you touch or brush your hair.

The consistence of the masque is very soft and creamy and it is easy to apply evenly to the hair.
The oil is clear and a little goes a long way.
We use the masque once a week as a special treatment for the hair and leave it on for about 5-15 minutes. The rare oil treatment adds a beautiful shine and controls the hair and that way prevents frizz. We apply 2-3 drops into the hands, and gently spread the oil into the hair. It can also be applied pre-shampooing as an enriching treatment.
The scent of the products is very tender, a bit sweet, exotic and floral, and we like it a lot. It remains in the hair during the whole day and keeps it fresh and with a pleasant scent without being too strong or obtrusive.
Also available in the collection is a Marula Rare Oil replenishing Shampoo and a Conditioner.

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