Saturday, 30 January 2016

Theater Basel | John Gabriel Borkman

The play John Gabriel Borkman (based on Ibsens book) plays at the Theater Basel now as an adaption by Simon Stone.
John Gabriel Borkman won three Nestroy prices in 2015 for best direction (Simon Stone), best actor (Martin Wuttke as John Gabriel Borkman) and best supporting role (Roland Koch as Wilhelm Foldal).
Simon Stone also produced Engel in Amerika (Angels in America) at the Theater Basel, a play that absolutely fascinated us.

John Gabriel Borkman is a banker, who was in prison for 5 years for misappropriating the money at the bank he worked. When he is free again he refuses to leave the house and spends another 8 years completely isolated on the first floor of the house.
His wife doesn't talk to him anymore and his son only visits him from time to time.
When the twin sister of the wife gets terminally ill, she comes for a visit and tries to solve the family-problems.
When the play begins the stage is covered with artificial snow and it snows during the whole play, which slowly transforms the stage by covering everything more and more with snow. It is incredible how real the snow seems to be and after a while we forgot that we are inside.
The actors played absolutely brilliant, it was a very entertaining and at the same time thought provoking evening, addressing many issues like family, justice, love and dreams and aims in life and for us it was a fantastic play.

Birgit Minichmayr as GUNHILD BORKMAN, HIS WIFE
Nicola Kirsch as FANNY WILTON

production: Simon Stone
stage: Katrin Brack
costume: Tabea Braun
music: Bernhard Moshammer
light: Friedrich Rom
dramatic composition: Klaus Missbach

picture © Theater Basel

Friday, 29 January 2016

Lush | Prince Charming shower gel

The limited edition Valentine's Day shower gel Prince Charming by Lush has an intense and fruity scent we think is wonderful and very sensual. It has a slightly thick consistency and cleans the skin very gently, leaving it soft and moisturized.
It contains fresh pomegranate juice, grapefruit, almond oil and vanilla and can be used by both women and men as the scent is very fresh and not obtrusive.
Its amazing how the whole bathroom is filled with the sweet and citrusy scent of prince charming after using it and we think it really spreads a good mood.

    Monday, 25 January 2016

    Product of the month: Borealis bookshelf mini comb by Jaanus Orgusaar

    The comb bookshelf is a product by Jaanus Orgusaar, an Estonian designer who became famous in the early 90-ies as a shoe- and fashion designer. In 2009 he founded his own studio Borealis, turning to product design and architecture.
    The comb bookshelf is a flat-pack product. The set consists of 15 film-coated birch plywood shelves and 6 metal rings to hold the corners together, two dowels and two hooks to fix the shelf to the wall. With the directions provided with the product, it is very easy to put together and even without the directions it is logical, as it is like a puzzle.
    We have managed to put it together in just a few minutes.
    The set actually comes with 6 metal rings to hold the corners together, but we have chosen not to use the rings and just tie them together with a very strong white string a few times.
    Using the rings would certainly ensure more stability, but as we don't intend to put much weight on it we chose to try it without the rings.
    The comb bookshelf is available in 4 different sizes and three different colours.

    Originally we were just looking for a special way to present some of the little things we have, as we wanted them to stand out, without just using a traditional shelf.
    Soon we found the comb bookshelf and from the first time we saw it we absolutely loved it, and once it was placed on our wall it has exceeded all expectations, which is why we have chosen it to be our product of the month January 2016.
    Something we think is great about the shelf is the option to not fill all the triangles without it looking empty or only half finished, that way it never looks overloaded and every object can come into its own much more.

    The shelf bulges from the wall like a sector of a sphere, creating a geometric effect and making it a beautiful eye-catcher.
    The shelf is from very high quality byrch wood and when you stand close to the shelf there is a soft scent of wood, which we find very pleasant.
    We think the comb shelf has a very unique and design which reminds us a bit of the flower of life. It allows you to present books, candles, perfumes, plants or decorations etc. on a wall without making the wall look overloaded.

    Products on the shelf from top left to bottom right:

    tumbler with bend with ivy plant,
    chanel N° 5 200ml
    artificial rose in glass sia home fashion
    plaster flower
    book: Minima Moralia by Theodor W. Adorno
    candle by evidens de parfums
    book: You are a circle by G. Wolf "Prof. G"
    plaster flower
    handmade origami paper flowers by ccslifestyle
    books: The Circle by Bruno Munari, The Square by Bruno Munari
    hom fragrances soy candle
    crystal quartz
    crystal quartz

    Saturday, 23 January 2016

    Theater Basel | Jesus Christ Superstar

    Jesus Christ Superstar was first published in 1970 as a music album. The rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice combines classical music, rock and the hippie-feeling to one fantastic album. The rock opera plays now in Basel, telling the last seven days of Jesus from Judas' point of view. It raises one fundamental question that stays unanswered during all the show, which is what is more important; the message or the messenger? It is a question that is still very up-to-date.
    In the play the focus is very strongly on the "human" sides of Jesus, his emotions, his anger and his frustration about feeling misunderstood.
    This focus is what made us feel very strongly for the character during the play.
    What we think was fantastic was that during many scenes there were a lot of people on the stage, as one big choir, singing and dancing, representing the admirers of Jesus. This created a strong dynamic which was very captivating.
    The show was accompanied by a life band which made whole show even more impressive.

    Alexander Klaws as JESUS CHRIST
    Patrick Stanke as JUDAS ISCARIOT
    Andrea Sanchez del Solar as MARY MAGDALENE
    Andrea Matthias Pagani as PONTIUS PILATE
    Andrew Murphy as CAIAPHAS
    Vahan Markaryan as ANNAS
    Karl-Heinz Brandt as KING HEROD
    Tim Ludwig as PETER
    Jeffrey Italiaander as SIMON ZEALOTES
    Wladyslaw W. Dylag as 1. PRIEST
    Krzysztof Debicki as 2. PRIEST
    Vivian Zatta as 3. PRIEST

    Dancers: Irene Andreetto, Mirjam Karvat, Daniel Kenel, Jonas Furrer, Mukdanin Daniel Phongpachith
    Woodwind I (Jesus all-stars): Ales Koblizek, Nico Seibold
    Horn (Jesus all-stars): Mark Gebhardt
    Trumpet (Jesus all-stars): Giovanni Siveroni
    Keyboard (Jesus all-stars): Leonid Maximov
    Keyboard 2 (Jesus all-stars): Dirk Wochner
    Percussion (Jesus all-stars): Alex Wäber, Timo Stegmüller
    Guitar 1 (Jesus all-stars): Jan Fitschen
    Guitar 2 (Jesus all-stars): Michael Goldschmidt
    Bass Guitar  (Jesus all-stars): Thierry Humbel, Daniel Fricker
    Drums (Jesus all-stars): Martin Altenbach, Lorenz Rutigliano

    Theater Basel choir
    Münster gospel choir

    musical direction: Ansi Verwey
    production: Tom Ryser
    choreography: Lillian Stillwell
    stage & costume: Stefan Rieckhoff
    dramatic composition: Juliane Luster
    choir: Henryk Polus

    picture © Sandra Then

    Friday, 22 January 2016

    captured - la vie en images

    thank you for a fantastic exhibition
    Ben Vautier at the Tinguely Museum in Basel
    (21 October 2015 - 22 January 2016)

    Tuesday, 19 January 2016

    Ballet Revolución

    We went to see Ballet Revolución at the Musical Theater Basel.
    A breathtaking mix of classical ballet, streetdance and hip hop, of traditional Cuban music and modern Hits.
    The show was full of energy and passion, there was no quiet moment on stage everyone was in constant movement and one dancer replaced the other in complicated choreographies.
    What we think made the whole experience even more special was the life band with two singers.
    The show was a spectacle full of emotions, with sensual parts, playful and light choreographys and very strong and powerful performances.
    Ballet Revolución is in Basel from 19-24 January 2016 and in Zurich from 26-31 January 2016.

    Friday, 15 January 2016

    Theater Basel | Nirgends in Friede. Antigone (nowhere in peace. Antigone)

    The antic tragedy Antigone by Sophokles is transferred to a contemporary context by the swiss dramatist Darja Stocker.
    Ödipus' sons Polineikes and Eteokles have died, and the new king of Theben, Kreon, only allows Eteokles to be buried properly, as he says Polineikes is a traitor. His sister Antigone can not accept this and defies the kings wish.
    It is a very current topic to talk about victims, political conflicts and the medias reaction to deaths.
    For us it is incredible how such an old story can still be so suitable for todays times and conflicts and we think it is a great production.
    Antigone is played by three actresses which adds a special dynamic to the scenes where she interacts with her sister or the king or just talks to the audience.
    For us the music is chosen perfectly for the play and there is even a life performance by one of the actresses (Pia Händler). Also there are great special effects and the whole staging of the play is very catching.

    Lisa Stiegler as ANTIGONE 1
    Nicola Kirsch as ANTIGONE 2
    Cathrin Störmer as ANTIGNOE 3
    Simon Zagermann as HAIMON
    Pia Händler as ISMENE
    Steffen Höld as KREON
    Martin Hug as GUARD

    production: Felicitas Brucker
    stage: Viva Schudt
    costume: Sara Schwartz
    music: Patric Catani
    dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer

    picture © Sandra Then

    Thursday, 14 January 2016

    Theater Basel | Junges Haus | Der Fremde (the stranger)

    Das junge Haus Theater Basel presents Camus' "The stranger" in a very modern and contemporary way. It begins with a strong beat and two dancers dancing around one another, moving sometimes fast and strong and sometimes very slowly in fluid movements. A video comes up on screens placed on each side of the stage, where a patchwork-face talks about the meaning of life.
    The play begins with the main character (Meursault), played by two actors at the same time, sitting on a chair with lilys. His mother died and he is expected to be sad and upset, but he feels nothing. Not because he did not like his mother, but because to him everything is the same and nothing matters. This shows in every aspect of his life, his relationship to a girl, the way he interacts with his neighbors and how he reacts to everyday situations.
    By wearing a transparent mask, Meursalts face appears less human and somehow indifferent, it does not show any emotions, but still you can see the human face underneath, which makes it very captivating.
    The story asks very fundamental questions about life and death, like what is the meaning of life, what is important and relevant, whats the definition of morality?
    The two dancers appear many times during the play, sometimes between two scenes and sometimes as a part of a scene.
    We felt like they seem to tell the same story the actors tell, but only through dancing and movements.
    For us it was a very inspiring play, it is an invitation to think about some of the asked questions by yourself and it brings up very current topics.
    The actors were brilliant, some of them were playing several roles during the play and for us it was a very impressive performance.
    What we also liked very much was how they did not only use the whole stage but also the audience area and the combination of different elements like music, dance, video, audio and performance.

    Marin Blülle as PRIEST
    Birkan Çam as RAYMOND
    Sophie Eglin as MARIE
    Johanna Heusser as WARDEN
    Ilario Raschèr as MEURSAULT I
    Dina Sennheuser as WARDEN
    Anna Sonnenschein as JUDGE, BOSS, EMPLOYEE

    production: Patrick Gusset
    stage: Chasper Bertschinger
    costume: Svenja Gassen
    video: Jonathan Hug
    dramatic composition: Fiona Schreier

    picture © Simon Hallström

    Wednesday, 13 January 2016

    Marula Oil | Rare Oil Treatment & Rare Oil intensive masque

    Paul Mitchells Marula Oil collection is made from rare natural marula oil which contains a high amount of nutrients and is very hydrating and moisturizing for the hair.
    We have been using the rare oil treatment and the rare oil intensive masque and both products are great and leave the hair super-soft and with a beautiful natural shine.
    It is deeply nurturing and with the time release technology a fresh burst of marula oil is delivered every time you touch or brush your hair.

    The consistence of the masque is very soft and creamy and it is easy to apply evenly to the hair.
    The oil is clear and a little goes a long way.
    We use the masque once a week as a special treatment for the hair and leave it on for about 5-15 minutes. The rare oil treatment adds a beautiful shine and controls the hair and that way prevents frizz. We apply 2-3 drops into the hands, and gently spread the oil into the hair. It can also be applied pre-shampooing as an enriching treatment.
    The scent of the products is very tender, a bit sweet, exotic and floral, and we like it a lot. It remains in the hair during the whole day and keeps it fresh and with a pleasant scent without being too strong or obtrusive.
    Also available in the collection is a Marula Rare Oil replenishing Shampoo and a Conditioner.

    Sunday, 10 January 2016

    Theater Basel | Konstellationen (constellations)

    Konstellationen (constellations) is a play with only two actors who in the beginning of the play meet for the first time at a party. In the following the play shows us all different kinds of possibilities of how their relationship can evolve.
    The british dramatist Nick Payne chooses the model of the multiversum as a basis for the play, showing us how many possible outcomes there are for each situation.
    For us the play is thought provoking and philosophical and makes us think about how every decision we make affects our life and our future.
    We were impressed by how quickly the actors jumped from one "reality" to the next one and therefore also from one emotion to another.
    The switch between the different "realities" was accentuated by a sudden change of lights which we think was the perfect effect for the completely empty stage where the whole space was used by the two actors during the play.

    Nicola Kirsch as MARIANNE
    Thiemo Strutzenberger as ROLAND

    production: Ramin Gray
    dramatic composition: Brigitte Auer

    picture © Alexi Pelekanos

    Friday, 8 January 2016

    Theater Basel | Das Sparschwein (Piggy Bank)

    Das Sparschwein (Piggy Bank) is a comedy by Eugène Labiche.
    It plays in 1864 in a small french town, where a group of friends meets every monday night to play cards. The bets are collected in a piggy bank and after one year they decide to break it open.
    As they can not agree on what to do with the money they decide to vote on it and the result of the vote is a trip to Paris.
    One misfortune succeeding the next, the big city and the money to spend seems to be too much for the provincials and the trip is full of confusions and bad luck.
    The stage set is fantastic with big loops and platforms in different heights, everything is in gold which adds even more movement to the play as the actors move from one part of the stage to an other.
    We really liked the dynamics of the piece, we felt like we are in the middle of a really chaotic family trip where each individual follows his own goals of the day and from time to time they reunite and try to reconcile their plans which leads to even more confusion.
    Some scenes and punchlines are prolonged or repeated very often, so they might loose a bit of their original wit, but still we think the actors are fantastic and the play is full of energy and laughter and shows us that basic democracy also has its own pitfalls.

    Ingo Tomi as CHAMPBOURCY
    Myriam Schröder as LEONIDA (his sister)
    Liliane Amuat as BLANCHE (his daughter)
    Nicola Mastroberardino as COLLADAN
    Urs Peter Halter as CORDENBOIS
    Mario Fuchs as FELIX RENAUDIER
    Florian Jahr as COCAREL AND MORE ROLES
    Andrea Bettini as BECHUT
    Arno Waschk as MUSICIAN

    production: Martin Labarenz
    stage: Volker Hintermeier
    costume: Adriana Braga Peretzki
    music: Arno Waschk
    dramatic composition: Katrin Michaels

    picture © Simon Hallström

    Tuesday, 5 January 2016

    Lindt HELLO Sweet Kisses

    The Lindt HELLO Sweet Kisses is a lip shaped box filled with 20 delicious little chocolate hearts inside.
    We think its a very creative idea to pack chocolate and show some love to someone, with the pink, slightly opened lips, telling him what to expect inside.
    The box can also be reused to put away some stuff, like for example lipstick or more chocolate.