Wednesday, 9 December 2015

EviDenS de Parfums | L'Eau Parfumée No. 4

EviDenS de Parfums has a range of exquisite perfumes and we have the Eau Parfumée No. 4.
The first thing we noticed is the beautiful and very elegant flacon, black and gold are timeless and classy colours and the red tassel makes the flacon very decorative.
What is very special about the fragrance is the light and soft mist when applying it. Compared to other perfumes where the skin feels moist for a moment, this perfume is rather like a wonderfully scented soft breeze enveloping the body gently.
The scent of No. 4 reminds us of a fresh flower bouquet, it has scents of jasmine, lily-of the-valley and roses and bergamot and mulberry.
We think it is an amazingly unique scent, it is long lasting and not heavy and reminds us of spring flowers and sunshine.

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