Friday, 13 November 2015

Theater Basel | Edward II. Die Liebe bin ich (Edward II. I am love)

Edward II. I am love. is a play by Ewald Palemtshofer after Christopher Marlowe.
After his fathers death, Edward II becomes king, a king who lives a loose and careless life. With little interest in politics and the promotion of his kingdom, all king Edward II cares about is to bring back his outcast lover Gaveston. Upon his return, the king gives him power, titles and every possible right in the kingdom. 
The kings nobles, just as the queen and the bishop are not very pleased with Gavestons return and force the king to agree to exile him again.
The queen, who sees the king devastated by these events, convinces Mortimer to help her bring Gaveston back, to eventually kill him.

Florian von Manteuffel (who was supposed to play PEER #1) dropped out one week before the premiere because of an injury and Florian Jahr filled in for him. It was not noticeable for the audience that this was not the original cast, as all the actors were brilliant and Florian Jahr fit in perfectly.
It is the story of a love-crazed king, unable (and unwilling) to carry out his duty as a king, a story of love, betrayal and power.
For us it was an emotional and very captivating play and the actors were brilliant.

Florian Jahr as PEER #1
Elias Eilinghoff as PEER #2 / SPENCER
Thomas Reisinger as PEER #3 / bishop
Michael Wächter as MORTIMER
Thiemo Strutzenberger as GAVESTON
Simon Zagermann as KING EDWARD II.
Myriam Schröder as QUEEN ISABELLA
Emmanuel Kazis, Noah Zanolari as PRINCE EDWARD

production: Nora Schlocker
stage: Marie Roth
costume: Sanna Dembowski
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl

picture © Alexi Pelekanos

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