Saturday, 28 November 2015

Theater Basel | Der gestiefelte Kater (puss in boots)

Puss in boots plays now at the Theater Basel, a fairy tale by the Grimm brothers everyone knows. But puss in boots is definitely not just something for kids, but also for adults.
The millers cat wants to help his master and all he needs to accomplish his plans is a pair of boots. After receiving these the smart cat tricks the king into believing his master is not a miller but a lord and therefore a perfect candidate for marrying his daughter, the bored princess.
The play is very entertaining, the actors are great and we love the way the story is told on one constantly shifting and changing stage with some of the actors even playing different characters.
The puss in boots program does not come as a booklet but as a big sheet with a cat mask, crown and many more to wear for the young and for those young at heart.

Aaron Hitz as CAT
Dominique Müller as HANS
Vincent Leittersdorf as POET / KING
Leonie Merlin Young as PRINCESS
Andresas Bächli as TECHNICIAN
Dominik Blumer, Florian Grupp as MUSICIANS

production: Matthias Grupp
stage: Fabian Nichele
costume: Eva Butzkies
choreography: Bea Nichele-Wiggli
music: Florian Grupp, Dominik Blumer
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer, Ueli Blum

picture © Sandra Then

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