Thursday, 26 November 2015

Salto Natale | Traumfänger (Dreamcatcher) 2015

The name of this years Salto Natale is Dreamcatcher. Inspired by the indian legend of  dreamcatchers, Salto Natale inspires the viewers to live their dreams, which we think is a beautiful message for a pre-christmas circus.
It was an incredible show and the acts are brilliant, we love how detailed the costumes are and how Salto Natale always manages to take us to an other, fascinating world.

Guiding through the show is a group of dancers, and among them a man in a wheelchair.
Obviously his dream is to leave the wheelchair behind just for a little while, and in "Dreamcatcher" everything is possible.

From dreamy, emotional acts, or spectacular fast and powerful ones, to the hillarious Swiss comedy duo "Sutter & Pfändler" there is everything in the magnificent show.

Salto Natale Dreamcatcher plays in Zurich (Kloten) until the 3rd January 2016.

Catalina Palma Aguirre

Cat Wall Acrobats

Duo Olya & Denys

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