Sunday, 8 November 2015

ghd platinum professional styler black

We have been looking for a new styler for our styling-projects and our personal use and so we have tested the ghd platinum styler lately.
With the tri-zone technology the ghd platinum styler's heat is safer for the hair as it is delivered evenly and constantly. Three different sensors in each plate ensure that a constant temperature is maintained.
Of course we still use heat protection before we start with the styling.

Already after using it for the first time we could tell the difference to other stylers we have used so far. The ghd platinum styler has a very elegant and professional look and when you turn it on you hear a sound and the button starts to flash. As soon as it stops flashing and just glows there is another sound and the styler is heated up, which takes not even half a minute, so it is ready to use very quickly.
Another thing we think is great is that the styler will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, wich makes it safer in case you should forget to turn it off once.
The silver part at the bottom, the wishbone hinge, makes the handling of the styler effortless as it holds the plates in perfect alignment so they open and close very gently.
As the heat is evenly distributed the styling process is easier and quicker, the styler lies well in the hand and glides effortlessly through the hair. When you finish the hair is very smooth and has a beautiful shine.
For us the ghd platinum professional styler is the perfect tool to style our hair without damaging it. With the styler we can create any style, an edgy straight look or beautiful curls within a short time.

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