Sunday, 25 October 2015

Theater Basel | Schlafgänger (lodger)

Schlafgänger is a play based on the book by Dorothee Elminger on the topic of lodgers, people who rent a bed to sleep somewhere for a few hours before going back to work.
The characters in the play do have their own beds, but still they are sleepless, each for his own reason.
They are awake at night, each of them a representative of our time, and telling their stories to one another.
It is about very current topics such as migration, boarders, refugees, wealth, justice and life and death.
We think the play is thought provoking, about our own place in society and justice in the world.
It does not follow a strict storyline but is rather one big web of voices, which makes it a very dynamic, authentic and alive performance.

Liliane Amuat
Andrea Bettini
Inga Eickemeier
Elias Eilinghoff
Steffen Höld
Florian von Manteuffel
Cathrin Störmer

production: Julia Hölscher
stage: Paul Zoller
costume: Ulli Smid
music: Arno Waschk
dramatic composition: Katrin Michaels

pictures © Simon Hallström

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