Saturday, 24 October 2015

Theater Basel | Engel in Amerika (Angels in America)

We visited the premiere of Angels in America, the famous two-part play by Tony Kushner at the Theater Basel.
The two parts (Millenium approaches and Perestroika) are shown on two separate evenings or as one long play with intermissions.
The play opens in New York City in 1985, focusing on two struggling couples, one gay and one straight.
Louis leaves his boyfriend Prior after he confesses to him that he is infected with aids and meets the mormon lawyer Joe, who is married to the valium-addicted, agoraphobic Harper. With ex-drag-queen Belize, Prior tries to fight Aids and is visited by ghosts and an angel who proclaim him to be a prophet.
Joe is offered a major job opportunity by his mentor, lawyer Roy Cohn, who also gets diagnosed with aids but denies it, as he considers homosexuals as weak and ineffective and therefore says he suffers from liver cancer.

As the story unfolds the different characters are confronted with all the same matters, sexuality, life and death, illness and health, racism and guilt, which makes the topic of the play as current today as it was back in the year 1993 when it was first shown.

The play was absolutely amazing and one of our favourite plays of all times, it was very impressive how each actor switched between multiple roles and the acting performance was outstanding.
We love how the different scenes sometimes take place at the same time on the open stage. The audience was able to see the actors switch between the different roles on stage, which made the connection between audience and actors even stronger as the curtain never closes. There was a great dynamic in the play and the tension was constantly increased.

Roland Koch as ROY M. COHN
Michael Wächter as JOE PITT
Pia Händler as HARPER PITT
Florian Jahr as LOUIS IRONSON
Nicola Mastroberardino as PRIOR WALKER
Barbara Horvath as HANNAH PITT
Simon Zagermann as BELIZE
Myriam Schröder as THE ANGEL

production: Simon Stone
stage: Ralph Myers
costume: Mel Page
music: Stefan Gregory
dramatic composition: Almut Wagner

pictures © Sandra Then

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