Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Keller | finest brushes for hair and body care

Beside using good products to wash and care for your hair, the hairbrush is one of the most important tools to get healthy, strong and beautiful hair.
The saying is ancient, you need 100 brush strokes a day.
As using natural products is very important to us, of course we don't want to use plastic hairbrushes and combs, and while looking for the best wooden hairbrushes we found the brand Keller who produces highest quality brushes (initially just the brush handles) for hair and body care in Germany for more than 140 years now.
We have picked our 5 brushes that we think need to be in everyones bathroom.
From left to right:

Wooden paddle-brush made from maple wood with real wooden pins.
The wooden pins have an antistatic effect and massage the scalp, which stimulates hair growth.
The paddle-brush is perfect for long hair.

Cushion brush made from olive wood with premium wooden pins.
Olive wood is one of the worlds hardest woods and the air-filled cushion conforms to the shape of the scalp. It prevents tangling and breakage and brushes the hair very gently.

Cushion brush made from olive wood with wild boar bristles.
The bristles gently massage the scalp and stimulate the circulation of the roots of the hair. Stroking the hair with a brush with wild boar bristles will leave it healthy, add volume and a beautiful natural shine.

Mens comb made from beech wood.
This comb is perfect to part the hair precisely and comb it gently through. The wooden comb has a massaging effect on the scalp.

Facebrush made from olive wood with pure soft goats hair.
Using a facebrush has many benefits for your skin. Skin is more delicate on the face and therefore it is important to use a soft brush that will not scratch your skin. Using a facebrush will exfoliate the skin and stimulate the blood circulation. Dead cells are removed and the skins natural functions are supported. We use the facebrush after washing our face in the evening and before applying our skincare products.

With the brush cleaner loose hair can be removed and if it is necessary the wooden pins can be gently washed with warm water. Never dry the brush on a radiator as the heat can damage the wood, but just leave it pins-down on a soft towel to dry.
If you take good care for your brush it will be your loyal companion for years.
We would never want to go back to use plastic brushes after using these for a while, they lie well in the hand and you can tell it is a quality product. Not only are they very gentle and caring for the hair, but also they look really beautiful and as it is a natural product each brush is unique.

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