Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Buddha Board Mini

Our latest creative gadget is the buddha board mini.
It is the smaller version of the original buddha board and fits in every bag, so you can always take it with you and let your creative energy flow whenever you feel like it.
The design is very simple and practical, when you take the pen out of the holder you can fill it with water to start to create your art or use a small dish for the water. The more water is used, the longer the art lasts but if you take too much water it will run down the board a little and the lines will become thicker and less precise.
We really like that the creative process continues itself, after painting you can just sit and watch the image change and slowly disappear.
The buddha board can only be used with water, other liquids or pens will permanently stain the surface and you can not use it anymore.
Especially at the present time where there is so much pressure and stress, we think it is important to take the time to sit for a moment and leave everything behind. Even though art usually is created to stay, we like the concept of the perishability in the buddha board, every created image disappears again and leaves the board clean and clear for the next image to come.

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