Friday, 11 September 2015

Treibstoff | LOVEPIECE

LOVEPIECE is a performance showed during the Treibstoff theatre days Basel by the artists Anta Helena Recke and Julian Meding, performed by Francine Agbodjalou and Johannes Buss.
The performance deals with the topic of how to come together, the two actors dance around each other, move together and use the whole stage for their interactive play.
Coming together is an everyday occurence, most of the time happening unconsciously. But what does it mean exactly?
During the performance, each of the actors told the audience something about themselves, which allowed us to get to know the character and get a feeling for how he / she does interact with his / her environment and how they do come together.
The atmosphere in the little room was very captivating and we loved the way the two actors interacted with each other and also with the audience.

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