Monday, 21 September 2015

Product of the month: Innocent Super Smoothies

Just in time after a beautiful summer innocent brought us three colourful super smoothies packed with the most delicious and healthy ingredients, which is why we picked them to be our product(s) of the month September 2015.
We have tasted all three and they are absolutely delicious. Even though at first some ingredients may have you wondering if it can really taste good (like pumpkin or flax seed) all three are mouth-watering.

Energise contains fruits, beetroot juice and added vitamins and helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.
Defence helps keen the immune system functioning normally with mangoes, pumpkins and vitamins C, D and zinc.
Antioxidant is made from kiwis, limes, wheatgrass and flax seeds and the vitamins C, E and selenium protect the cells from oxidative stress.

These three super smoothies are an easy way to get closer to your 5 a day and maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

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