Sunday, 13 September 2015

Droste Laux | Alkaline Gemstone Bath (Basisches Edelsteinbad)

Droste Laux is a brand that produces de-acidification products and natural cosmetics, according to strict pharmaceutical guidelines, which help regulate the acid-base balance of the skin.
We have used the alkaline gemstone bath, that stimulates the natural excretion function of the skin and alkalises and detoxifies the skin.
The bath doesn't have a scent but it feels incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. It is recommended to bath longer than usually (up to one hour or more) to allow the bath to take full effect.
To add some scent to the bath you can add some drops of your favourite essential oils or the Droste Laux muscle relaxing oil.
For us the bath has a very energizing and harmonizing effect we find delightful and afterwards the skin feels moisturized and soft.

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