Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Circus Ohlala 2015 act five

The Circus Ohlala by Gregory and Rolf Knie came back to Dübendorf for the fifth time already and we visited the premiere show.
What was new this year is that the chapiteau doesn't have masts so wherever your seat is you have a clear view of the stage.
As Gregory Knie says the inspiration for this years show were the colours black and white, and everything there is to discover in between. Another inspiration was the Swanlake and the movie black swan.
Guiding through the show is the white swan, that turns more and more into the black swan by discovering her dark sides, but not the evil but the more brave, sexy and outgoing ones.
We love the atmosphere of the Circus Ohlala and the music was brilliant, the singer Lucia Sky has a raspy voice that is very sexy and perfect for the show and the choice of music was just amazing.
The acts were breathtaking, some of our favourite acts were the contourtionist Cristina Garcia, the way she distorted her body was unlike anything we have ever seen before, Matt & Valentina who took rollerblading to a whole new level and the comedy Dance Duo up and over it.
The Circus Ohlala is playing in Dübendorf until 25 October 2015 and is definitely worth a visit.

Cristina Garcia, contortionist

Jean Passos

Lucia Sky, singer

Duo up and over it

Matt & Valentina

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