Monday, 7 September 2015

black and white

Every person on this planet is different, comes from a different place, has different opportunities and opinions, every person is unique.
We think this is what makes the world beautiful, the uniqueness and the differences between the people, it allows us to learn from one another and open our hearts and minds.
With our latest artwork "black and white" we want to represent this exact topic. The two mannequins represent all humans, no matter what religion, sexual orientation and culture they are. This is why we have chosen 20 words and placed them on each of our two mannequins. 

atheist - buddhist - christian - hindu - jewish - muslim
bisexual - gay - hetero - lesbian - transgender
big - poor -  rich - short - slim - tall
carnivorous - vegan
Instead of faces they wear mirrors, to make you look at yourself and find yourself in the artwork.
Connecting them is a white ribbon with a black line, between them hangs a destroyed paper object.
The paper object was precisely created after an origami technique and then destroyed, showing us that true beauty doesn't have to be perfect.
It can also represent the world, which we all live on and have to carry together.
And in the end we should never forget, we are all unique but still we all have the same rights on this planet, the right to be free, happy and accepted.

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