Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Circus Ohlala 2015 act five

The Circus Ohlala by Gregory and Rolf Knie came back to Dübendorf for the fifth time already and we visited the premiere show.
What was new this year is that the chapiteau doesn't have masts so wherever your seat is you have a clear view of the stage.
As Gregory Knie says the inspiration for this years show were the colours black and white, and everything there is to discover in between. Another inspiration was the Swanlake and the movie black swan.
Guiding through the show is the white swan, that turns more and more into the black swan by discovering her dark sides, but not the evil but the more brave, sexy and outgoing ones.
We love the atmosphere of the Circus Ohlala and the music was brilliant, the singer Lucia Sky has a raspy voice that is very sexy and perfect for the show and the choice of music was just amazing.
The acts were breathtaking, some of our favourite acts were the contourtionist Cristina Garcia, the way she distorted her body was unlike anything we have ever seen before, Matt & Valentina who took rollerblading to a whole new level and the comedy Dance Duo up and over it.
The Circus Ohlala is playing in Dübendorf until 25 October 2015 and is definitely worth a visit.

Cristina Garcia, contortionist

Jean Passos

Lucia Sky, singer

Duo up and over it

Matt & Valentina

Monday, 28 September 2015

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Annemarie Börlind | Vitamin Energizer Beauty Shot

The Beauty Shots by Annemarie Börlind are vegan intensive concentrates with highly concentrated natural ingredients. The Vitamin Energizer Beauty Shot is an intensive care treatment for tired and pale skin, refreshing and revitalizing it instantly.
There are 5 different beauty shots for the different skin types and effects.
What we really like about the beauty shots is the "medical" look they have, the design reminds us of a syringe, but instead of being full of chemicals it is filled with the most precious ingredients nature offers us to take care of our skin.
As the dispenser is very narrow, it is easy to dose the needed amount, as you don't need much to treat the whole face.
On the skin it feels very soft and fresh, it spreads easy and soaks into the skin very quickly, leaving it nourished, refreshed and very soft.
We absolutely love the scent, it is a bit fruity and very fresh.
The beauty shot contains Vitamin E and C which revitalize the skin and protect it against premature skin aging, Acai Goji and sea buckthorn berries for an antioxidative effect and many more.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Product of the month: Innocent Super Smoothies

Just in time after a beautiful summer innocent brought us three colourful super smoothies packed with the most delicious and healthy ingredients, which is why we picked them to be our product(s) of the month September 2015.
We have tasted all three and they are absolutely delicious. Even though at first some ingredients may have you wondering if it can really taste good (like pumpkin or flax seed) all three are mouth-watering.

Energise contains fruits, beetroot juice and added vitamins and helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.
Defence helps keen the immune system functioning normally with mangoes, pumpkins and vitamins C, D and zinc.
Antioxidant is made from kiwis, limes, wheatgrass and flax seeds and the vitamins C, E and selenium protect the cells from oxidative stress.

These three super smoothies are an easy way to get closer to your 5 a day and maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Lady Gaga – til it happens to you

Lady Gaga released the video to the song til it happens to you (co-written by Lady Gaga and Diane Warren) which is dedicated to survivors of sexual assault around the world.
A part of the proceeds from the song will be donated to organizations working with survivors of rape and sexual assault.
The video shows scenes of sexual assaults on a university campus and the consequences.
Completely shot in black and white the video is very intense and meant to be a wake up call that something has to change.
Lady Gaga does not show once during the video and during the final scenes it shows us how standing up together can help find strength and courage.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Droste Laux | Alkaline Gemstone Bath (Basisches Edelsteinbad)

Droste Laux is a brand that produces de-acidification products and natural cosmetics, according to strict pharmaceutical guidelines, which help regulate the acid-base balance of the skin.
We have used the alkaline gemstone bath, that stimulates the natural excretion function of the skin and alkalises and detoxifies the skin.
The bath doesn't have a scent but it feels incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. It is recommended to bath longer than usually (up to one hour or more) to allow the bath to take full effect.
To add some scent to the bath you can add some drops of your favourite essential oils or the Droste Laux muscle relaxing oil.
For us the bath has a very energizing and harmonizing effect we find delightful and afterwards the skin feels moisturized and soft.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Treibstoff | LOVEPIECE

LOVEPIECE is a performance showed during the Treibstoff theatre days Basel by the artists Anta Helena Recke and Julian Meding, performed by Francine Agbodjalou and Johannes Buss.
The performance deals with the topic of how to come together, the two actors dance around each other, move together and use the whole stage for their interactive play.
Coming together is an everyday occurence, most of the time happening unconsciously. But what does it mean exactly?
During the performance, each of the actors told the audience something about themselves, which allowed us to get to know the character and get a feeling for how he / she does interact with his / her environment and how they do come together.
The atmosphere in the little room was very captivating and we loved the way the two actors interacted with each other and also with the audience.

Monday, 7 September 2015

black and white

Every person on this planet is different, comes from a different place, has different opportunities and opinions, every person is unique.
We think this is what makes the world beautiful, the uniqueness and the differences between the people, it allows us to learn from one another and open our hearts and minds.
With our latest artwork "black and white" we want to represent this exact topic. The two mannequins represent all humans, no matter what religion, sexual orientation and culture they are. This is why we have chosen 20 words and placed them on each of our two mannequins. 

atheist - buddhist - christian - hindu - jewish - muslim
bisexual - gay - hetero - lesbian - transgender
big - poor -  rich - short - slim - tall
carnivorous - vegan
Instead of faces they wear mirrors, to make you look at yourself and find yourself in the artwork.
Connecting them is a white ribbon with a black line, between them hangs a destroyed paper object.
The paper object was precisely created after an origami technique and then destroyed, showing us that true beauty doesn't have to be perfect.
It can also represent the world, which we all live on and have to carry together.
And in the end we should never forget, we are all unique but still we all have the same rights on this planet, the right to be free, happy and accepted.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Dr. Hauschka | Melissa Day Cream

The Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream is the latest addition to our daily care routine.
Especially during the hot summer days we were looking for a light day cream with a matting effect and the Melissa Day Cream was the perfect solution.
The very soft and light texture soaks into the skin quickly and leaves the skin nourished, refreshed and soft. We absolutely love the fresh, herbal and citrusy scent and the natural ingredients balance and care for the skin instantly.