Sunday, 5 July 2015

Robert & Josiane | Face Serum Schöne Aussichten (Lovely Views)

In June our favourite Swiss natural-cosmetics couple Robert & Josiane have invited us to preview the latest addition to their product range: the Face Serum Schöne Aussichten (Lovely Views).
The presentation was in a beautiful park and it was absolutely wonderful. The love for the details and all the effort put in that evening is what can also be found in every product of Robert & Josiane, which is exactly what makes them so unique.
The new face serum contains Amalaki from India, also known as the fruit of youth, that neutralises free radicals and helps the skin stay young and radiant. The hyaluronic acid fights wrinkles and smoothes the skin and aloe vera is very moisturizing. The essential oils lemon balm (uplifting and regenerating) and jasmin sambac (uplifting, stimulating, antibacterial) create a luxurious and enchanting scent we like very much.
The serum can be easily applied and soaks into the skin very quickly, leaving it refreshed and nourished.
The consistence is very soft and especially now in the summer the light serum is very pleasant to apply and refreshes the skin immediately.
After using it for a while we really feel like our skin is very healthy, radiant and smooth and as you only need very little of the serum to cover your whole face the little bottle goes a long way.
There are now 12 wonderful products in the product range of Robert & Josiane, all of them completely natural and NATRUE certified.

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