Thursday, 2 July 2015

LUSH | #GayIsOk Love Soap

No love should be illegal.
Lush spreads this message with a limited edition palm free soap base, scented with the iconic Love fragrance.
We not only love the message, but also the citrusy scent of the soap.
There is a lot of glitter and when you touch it with dry hands you will have glitter all over you, but when you use the soap with water the only thing remaining on your skin is that wonderful fresh scent.
Beside having a refreshing soap on hand, another good thing about getting it is that all money goes to AllOut and funds grassroots campaign groups around the world.
The Love Soap is for everyone and with the Hashtag Lush animates you to take a selfie with your Love soap and tell the world that you think #GayIsOk.

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