Thursday, 18 June 2015

Art Unlimited 2015 | Pedro Reyes – Disarm (Mechanized) II

Disarm (Mechanized) II (2014) by Pedro Reyes is an installation comprising 6 mechanized instruments made from recycled metal.
Pedro Reyes's work is a socio-political critique on contemporary society and our responsibility towards it.
Disarm (Mechanized) II relates to Reyes's ambitious international project in which seized and subsequently destroyed firearms are used to fabricate musical instruments.
The installation has almost a bit a macabre touch to it, but at the same time we think it can give hope, that from something as destructive as firearms something as productive as music instruments can emerge.
We think this work is truly inspiring and should animate everyone to take a moment, listen to these instruments and think about the message behind each tone.

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