Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Art Unlimited 2015 | Julius von Bismarck – Egocentric System

The first installation we saw when we entered the Art Unlimited today, was the Egocentric System (2015) by Julius von Bismarck.
The Egocentric System is a performance art with the artist himself, who is situated in a concrete bowl that is constantly spinning around.
Inside the bowl there is only a table with a chair and a matress with a blanket, a pillow and a little lamp.
The artist acts like the inhabitant of the bowl, reading, sleeping and also walking around while the bowl is spinning.
He will not get motionsick as long as he doesn't look at what is surrounding him and just stays focused on the bowl.
We think it is a beautiful metaphore for an artist who is leaving the earth beyond to live in his own world, where he can work and be creative.
For us it also represents life, that just keeps on moving constantly and can't be stopped, there is only one direction of the movement and you can never go back.

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