Friday, 19 June 2015

Art Unlimited 2015 | John M. Armleder – Medium Green, Woodland Scenics, Realistic Trees (FS)

Medium Green, Woodland Scenics, Realistic Trees (FS), (2014) by John M. Armleder is a large installation composed of one large painting and six found chairs.
This work is part of the series of Furniture Sculptures, for which Armleder combines monochrome or abstract paintings with found pieces of furniture.
The painting is made by pouring down different types of paint and lacquer on a vertically positioned canvas.
While the surface is still wet, glitter is sprinkled onto the painting.
By pouring the colours down the canvas, the artist allows them to run down unpredictably and create a random pattern.
The painting is therefore rather unstructed and haphazardly when opposed to that the chairs are placed in exact positions, each with the same distance to the next chair.
We think that these two contrasts make the whole installation complete and very impressive.

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