Monday, 22 June 2015

Art Basel 2015 | Looking back

Art Basel 2015
We are looking back on a wonderful week, filled with inspiring moments and the most amazing pieces of art from all around the world.
We got to talk to a lot of interesting people and as every year we leave the Art Basel behind us, full of inspiration and creative energy.
We captured some of the beautiful art pieces.

Art Unlimited
The Art Unlimited, with the enormous installations impresses us every year again, and for us it is a wonderful experience, just like walking through a huge art theme park.

Film / Theater
Beside the actual Art Basel exhibition there were many great side events, like the play The Metopes of the Parthenon or the presentation of Isaac Juliens new work Stones against Diamonds.
Isaac Julien – Stones against Diamonds

At the Art Basel there are people from all around the world, each of them unique and special in their own way. We captured some of the looks that caught our eyes somehow.
Streetstyle I
Streetstyle II
Streetstyle III
Streetstyle IV
Streetstyle V
Streetstyle VI

Goodbye Art Basel, see you next year!

Mel Bochner
Amazing (2015)
Two Palms

Artsy has a new Art Basel Miami page that keeps you updated with reports about the Art Basel Miami.

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