Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Art Basel 2015 | Isaac Julien – Stones against Diamonds (presented by Rolls Royce)

Isaac Julien's work 'Stones against Diamonds' is shown at the Elisabethen Kirche in Basel June 16-17 2015. 
With his team Isaac Julien filmed the work in South East Iceland in ice caves, which gave a beautiful set for the film.
The shoot toke place over five days only, as ice caves change quickly and can be very dangerous, which is why they are only accessible for a few days a year.
This –almost a bit dramatical– aspect, makes the film even more touching and invites us to dream about the beauty and purity but also the transcience of nature.
Inspired by a letter written by Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, Julien incorporates signature elements of Bo Bardis work in his film, like the wooden staircase or the signature easels made of glass and concrete.
The women walking through the ice caves in the film is wearing a black and sometimes also a white dress. White is a pure, religiously important colour and black is the traditional mourning colour. These two colours interact beautifully with the location, with the black volcanic sand and the pure white colour of the ice.
We think 'Stones against Diamonds' is very inspiring, showing us the most pure and wonderful sides of nature that we would normally not be able to see, in a breathtakingly beautiful way.

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