Monday, 11 May 2015

Stadler Form | Aroma Diffusor Lea

For us when we enter a room it is very important, that it has a pleasant scent.
We think the scent in a room is an important part of giving your home an unmistakable and unique touch.
There are many different ways for the scenting of a room and lately we have been using the aroma diffusor Lea by Stadler Form.

What is special about Lea, is that you put a complete fragrance bottle inside and not only a few drops diluted with water.
Lea works without a cable thanks to built in rechargable batteries, which makes it even more decorative and flexible, as it can be moved easily without the need of a socket nearby.
Stadler Form offers different essential oils to be used with Lea and other aroma diffusors, but Lea also comes with an empty bottle so you can fill it with your favourite essential oil.
Lea can be used in a permanent mode, an interval mode or the daylight mode, on which it only diffuses aroma when its bright outside.
We prefer the interval mode, as it creates a permanent and not too strong scent in the room.
Lea comes in different colours so you can pick the perfect colour for your room and we love the minimal and slim design.

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