Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Product of the month: bellicon trampoline

Now that the winter is over and we are looking forward to warm and sunny days it is time to be more active and start a little training routine.
We always like to stay active and do something good for our body and soul, and with the bellicon trampoline we have found something that is perfect for us, which is why we have picked it to be our product of the month March 2015.
What is special about the bellicon trampoline is that unlike the regular trampolines it does not have steel springs but an elastic suspension system with bungee cords which makes using the trampoline a lot more comfortable.
Using the trampoline you train your whole body and at the same time it also helps to reduce stress, activates the metabolism and is just a lot of fun.
There are suitable elastic suspensions for every weight and you can put together your very own bellicon trampoline by choosing the colour of the steel legs, of the suspensions and of the fabric.
You can use it indoors and if the weather is nice you can also use it outdoors for your workout but you should not leave it outside when you are not using it.
There is also one version of the trampoline made from stainless steel, this one can be left outside.
What we love about our bellicon is that it activates all large muscle groups and that way enables an overall workout by using only one tool. We use it every day because it makes it really easy to workout. Even after a hard day of work you can choose between watching tv from the couch or while training on your bellicon.
The bellicon comes with a 15 minutes workout plan, a dvd and a certificate and you can get a lot of useful equipment (like a storage bag) on the official website (german).


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