Sunday, 29 March 2015

Baobab Collection | Pearls Black Candle

We have discovered a new brand of candles and we are absolutely addicted!
The philosophy of Baobab includes values we think are very important such as high-quality craftsmanship and respect for the environment. All the candles and glasses are manufactured by hand so each piece is unique.
Our pearls black candle is a true piece of art!
When you open the box the first thing you notice is the incredible scent of the candle from rose and ginger. We find the combination of these two scents just delightful.
Also the glass is very special, the shape is not completely even but has slight waves and with the dark spots on the glass it has something wild and animalistic.
Once the candle is burning it looks very mystical.
The simple label on the candle gives it the finishing touch and makes it very decorative.
We can't get enough of these candles and the pearls black won't be our last from the baobab collection!

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