Tuesday, 31 March 2015

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2015

Inspired by the the japanese and african culture, the new H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection is a very versatile and fashionable collection.
We love the extraordinary nature-inspired prints (some of the pieces are even hand printed) and of course – what is very important to us – the principle of sustainability and consciousness.
The collection spreads a feeling of lightness and freedom and the light and high quality materials create beautiful silhouettes, the unique pieces are just perfect for the upcoming spring / summer season.
These are some of our favourite pieces from the collection which will be available from April 16 2015 in selected stores only:

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Baobab Collection | Pearls Black Candle

We have discovered a new brand of candles and we are absolutely addicted!
The philosophy of Baobab includes values we think are very important such as high-quality craftsmanship and respect for the environment. All the candles and glasses are manufactured by hand so each piece is unique.
Our pearls black candle is a true piece of art!
When you open the box the first thing you notice is the incredible scent of the candle from rose and ginger. We find the combination of these two scents just delightful.
Also the glass is very special, the shape is not completely even but has slight waves and with the dark spots on the glass it has something wild and animalistic.
Once the candle is burning it looks very mystical.
The simple label on the candle gives it the finishing touch and makes it very decorative.
We can't get enough of these candles and the pearls black won't be our last from the baobab collection!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Lindt HELLO Easter 2015

The Lindt HELLO Easter 2015 collection is just delicious!

It is as cool and colourful as we are used to when it comes to HELLO products.
We are happy to find our alltime-favourites strawberry cheesecake and crunchy nougat in a special easter wrapping and we love the intense colours that just represent spring and easter perfectly.
The chocolate bits come in new tastes like white chocolate with a fruity ananas-coconut or a cherry-blackberry-yoghurt filling.
As we know it from the HELLO X-MAS collection there are also two door hangers which not only kids will enjoy.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Circus Knie phénoménal tour 2015

We went to see the show of the Circus Knie phénoménale tour in Rapperswil today.
The Circus Knie is a Circus by the family Knie and it is the swiss national circus.
Every year they surprise with a new fantastic show presenting all possible facets of circus in a new way. The Circus Knie also has acts with horses showing classical dressage on the highest level and elephants and they have a beautiful zoo in Rapperswil where the animals are staying in a beautiful and species appropriate place.
Today the family Knie also showed us how they train their horses and we could see that there is a strong connection between the artist and the animal.
It was a wonderful show full of fantastic and breathtaking acts such as "Sokolov", an act with daring jumps from a springboard, Mario Berousek the fastest juggler in the world or the very entertaining clown Rob Torres who led through the program.
A Circus Knie Show is always a magnificent experience and phénoménale is no exception to that rule.

You see all tour dates and find more information on the official website.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

BASELWORLD 2015 | Louis Vuitton | Emprise Epi Denim watch

The square steel case of the Louis Vuitton Emprise Epi is inspired by the design of the Louis Vuitton trunks and in the new collection it comes in a very fashionable blue epi denim style.
The contrast of the yellow stitches with the blue of the leather strap is very beautiful and the perfect colour combination for Spring / Summer 2015.
It can be perfectly used to put the finishing touches to an every-day casual denim look but it can also be worn for a more special occasion as the simple design of the case gives the watch a very elegant touch.
We especially like that contrast, as the case itself is rather classy and the denim look more modern and a bit edgy.

BASELWORLD 2015 | Louis Vuitton | Escale Worldtime Minute Repeater

We were in the Louis Vuitton house at the BASELWORLD and saw the beautiful new collection of watches.
One of the most outstanding pieces is the Escale Worldtime Minute Repeater.

The Escale Worldtime Minute Repeater is THE watch for those who love to travel. The extraordinary design of the watch is an absolute eye-catcher and makes you want to look closer. When you do, you can see that the little fields on the clock-face represent different cities and therefore 24 different timezones. Once you have set the time of your home town, you can change the timezone you're in by a simple action on the crown. On the lower left side of the watch there is a bolt for arming and operating the minute repeating mechanism. When you trigger it, it will always tell you the time of your home town by playing sounds.
We like the simple and stylish case and leather strap as a contrast to the colourful clock-face and especially the pink gold details are timelessly beautiful.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

LUSH Easter 2015

We have had an early easter surprise this year and it's absolutely wonderful!

Perfectly in time for spring (and easter!) LUSH provides us with a sweet and colourful feel-good collection of new products.
We have tried three of the new products from the LUSH easter range 2015:

The fluffy egg bath bomb comes in a cheery pink and scents like a candy-shop.
Not only does it look like candy but it also turned our bathtub into a sweet and pink paradise.
This bath bomb will definitely sweeten up your day!

The pot of gold shower jelly has a beautiful golden colour which will also remain as a slight shimmer on your skin. The fresh ingredients like pineapples and orange create a citrusy scent we like very much.
It cleans the skin very gently and leaves it soft and nourished and we think it is a lot of fun to use.

We love the somewhere over the rainbow soap, it scents wonderfully of neroli, mandarin and rose oils which we think is very sensual. It gently cleans and nourishes the skin leaving it soft and with a wonderful scent that will follow you like your shadow and make you happy all day long.

All three products are vegan.

Monday, 23 March 2015

BASELWORLD 2015 | Boss watches | black out aeroliner chrono

We got to see the new collection of Boss watches at this years BASELWORLD and one watch particularly caught our eyes:


The black out aeroliner chrono is inspired by classic elegant aviator chronographs.
What we like very much is the matte finish of the case, it gives the watch a very individual and modern chic.
Especially the minimalist look of the watch makes it the perfect companion for every occasion.
We always love the combination of black and gold and in this watch the harmony is just perfect.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

UNE – natural beauty

UNE cosmetics offers mostly natural cosmetics that reveal your true natural beauty and are respectful for the planet and the environment.
We have used three of the new products which are all 100% from natural origin:

100% mineral foundation SPF 15
This mineral powder foundation creates an even and very natural look.
It leaves the skin radiant and conceals imperfections.
The mineral powder is easy and comfortable to apply and is very light on the skin.

Volume Liner Mascara
The volume liner mascara by UNE is absolutely fantastic, it defines each eyelash beautifully and gives your lashes a wonderful volume. It creates the perfect eyelash curvature by spreading the mascara evenly on every lash until the tips.

Absolute blacks eyeliner stylo
The eyeliner contains bees wax and jojoba oil which is very nourishing and comfortable on the skin. The consistence of the eyeliner pen is a bit creamy and soft which makes it very easy to apply it precisely. You can blend it with your fingertips for a more smoky and mysterious look.

We really like the UNE products as we can identify with the philosophy and the high quality of the cosmetics makes them fantastic tools for a beautiful and literally natural make up.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Product of the month: bellicon trampoline

Now that the winter is over and we are looking forward to warm and sunny days it is time to be more active and start a little training routine.
We always like to stay active and do something good for our body and soul, and with the bellicon trampoline we have found something that is perfect for us, which is why we have picked it to be our product of the month March 2015.
What is special about the bellicon trampoline is that unlike the regular trampolines it does not have steel springs but an elastic suspension system with bungee cords which makes using the trampoline a lot more comfortable.
Using the trampoline you train your whole body and at the same time it also helps to reduce stress, activates the metabolism and is just a lot of fun.
There are suitable elastic suspensions for every weight and you can put together your very own bellicon trampoline by choosing the colour of the steel legs, of the suspensions and of the fabric.
You can use it indoors and if the weather is nice you can also use it outdoors for your workout but you should not leave it outside when you are not using it.
There is also one version of the trampoline made from stainless steel, this one can be left outside.
What we love about our bellicon is that it activates all large muscle groups and that way enables an overall workout by using only one tool. We use it every day because it makes it really easy to workout. Even after a hard day of work you can choose between watching tv from the couch or while training on your bellicon.
The bellicon comes with a 15 minutes workout plan, a dvd and a certificate and you can get a lot of useful equipment (like a storage bag) on the official website (german).

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Just Natural – skin care

We wrote about Just Natural hair care products and these are the skin care products we have been using:

Men's No. 1 Natural Body Wash
This body wash is created especially for the needs of mens skin and also the scent is perfect for a man, it is very fresh and masculine. We love the combination of orange blossom and sandalwood and you can also scent the lemongrass.
Using it the body wash is very refreshing and invigorating.
It leaves the skin purified, nourished and moisturized with natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil and many more.

Body Nutritive Serum
The body nutritive serum is a concentrated body serum that nourishes and hydrates your skin. The consistence is very light and soft and the serum is easy to apply with the provided spray head. After using it the skin feels smooth and nourished and you feel good all-over.
We love the scent of the body serum as it is very tender and calming and not too intense.
For us the body nutritive serum can also be used for a massage because of the slightly oily consistence.

Anti-Aging Nutritive Serum
What is special about the anti-aging nutritive serum is that it contains no water at all, it consists only of highest quality active ingredients.
You only need very little of the serum as it spreads well on the facial skin.
The scent is very fresh and discreet and we like that it will not leave an oily and sticky film on the skin. Beside many other very strong natural ingredients it also contains the oil of chia seeds, which until now we only knew as a healthy powerfood but have never seen in cosmetics before. The chia seed oil is considered one of the best anti-wrinkle skin oils and leaves the skin silky and soft.

A suitable dispenser comes with all of the Just Natural products.
We are absolutely convinced and amazed by all the Just Natural products we have tried, not only the scent of each product is unique and just naturally good but also the ingredients are 100% natural and from highest quality possible, which makes the products very effective and fulfills all the needs of hair and skin.
Due to the huge range of products there is something for every skin or hair type and Just Natural is definitely a brand one should try when it comes to natural cosmetics.

Friday, 13 March 2015

THE LION KING Musical | Premiere Basel 2015

We could not wait to see the The Lion King musical in Basel we have mentioned here last year and went to see the premiere full of anticipation.
We knew that The Lion King is the most successful musical of all times but it was beyond all expectations.
The costumes and the stage setting are incredibly detailed and each artist seems to truly live his character and moves like the animal he represents. The voices touched us to the bottom of our hearts and with the humorous conversations and interactions there were all facets of emotions in the show.
Of course we all know the story of little Simba, that is a part of everyones childhood.
To the sounds of the wonderful and touching music by Elton John and Tim Rice and the spirited african rhythms nobody was able to sit still.
It was an unforgettable and wonderful evening and the most incredible musical we have ever seen.
The musical is playing in Basel until August 2015 and you can find all information on the official website of The Lion King.

Jeanne Lanvin at Le Palais Galliera Paris

At le Palais Galliera in Paris there is an exhibition to honour the oldest french maison de couture that is still in business.
The exhibition was realized in close collaboration with Alber Elbaz (Creative Director of Lanvin) and is dedicated to Jeanne Lanvin, the founder of Lanvin.
It shows us more than 100 of the magnificent pieces she has created.
We went to see the exhibition and were amazed by how detailed and unique each piece is.
Beside showing the wonderful dresses the exhibition also guides you through her life and shows the different sources that inspired her, such as religions, the medieval or exotic and ethnic inspiration. 
What we liked very much about the exhibition is that it also told us a bit of the stories of the different pieces, like for what occasion they were worn by the original owner or how they were combined back then.
Some of the pieces are exhibited in glass boxes with a mirror on the down side of the half opened cover, so it reflected the piece inside it which we think is a wonderful way to display them.
Also exhibited are some of her sketch-books, books with fabric samples and with photographs, which allows us a little inside look into her creative process.
The exhibition is a must see for every fashion and art lover, as each piece truly is a piece of art and it is fascinating to look deeper into the history of a fashion house that still exists today and influences and inspires people all around the world.

The exhibition is open until August 23 2015, you can find more details about the exhibition and the opening hours at official website of the Palais Galliera.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Streetstyle | Paris

Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini, Bologna

Marvin, Paris

Celia, Shanghai

Simone, Alassio

Caroline, Paris

Paolo Sfarra and Cyprien Richiardi, Milano

Celia, Paris

Hannes, Berlin

Mira, Paris
Thibault, Paris

Sonja, Shanghai

Yamna, Paris

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

captured - la vie en image


Paris Fashion Week | Ready to wear 2015 | Saint Laurent

In the Saint Laurent fall 2015 ready to wear collection Hedi Slimane shows us a very edgy collection. We see a lot of black and white and we think the collection is very modern, young and contemporary.
The leather jackets, boots, ripped tights and the impressive make-up make the looks strong and expressive, with even a bit of a rebellious touch.
We also think the masculine looks with cigarette pants, suspenders and a blazer and the sheer pieces used in other looks are a great contrast and show how versatile the Saint Laurent girl can be.
We like the collection very much and can't wait to see the pieces out on the streets.
These are our favourite looks from the show: