Monday, 23 February 2015

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics follow a philosophy that is really inspiring and combines many factors that are very important to us when it comes to choosing our cosmetic products.
LUSH cosmetics are always freshly produced, they are not 100% natural, but they use mostly natural ingredients and if necessary safe chemical ingredients. LUSH does not and has never tested on animals, all the products are tested on human volunteers before they are sold.
The range of LUSH products is incredibly extensive and colorful and for us the LUSH products spread a spirit of joy.
We have tried the following three products:

The Flying Fox shower gel has an incredibly alluring scent we think is absolutely amazing.
It scents of honey, yasmin and ylang ylang and envelopes the body in a sheer cloud of fragrance, without being too intense. It leaves the skin nourished and soft.

The LUSH facial masks are freshly produced every monday and shipped out on tuesdays, that way your mask is fresh when you receive it. The love lettuce mask is a balancing mask for normal to oily skin. It contains almond oil, agar-agar and lavender.
The mask is very refreshing and comfortable on the skin, and when you wash it off the ground almonds provide a soft peeling effect.
We are a huge fan of this fresh facial mask and will definitely buy it again!

The tea tree water is a facial toner perfect for normal to oily skin with a very pleasant fresh scent.
It cleans and purifies the skin and is a kick of freshness for your skin!
You can spray it directly on the face or use a cotton pad to apply it.
It leaves the skin clean and refreshed and perfectly prepared for the skincare routine to follow.

LUSH also offers a wide range of vegan products.

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