Sunday, 22 February 2015

Coca Cola Life

The new Coca Cola life will be available in stores in Switzerland from next week.
It was already launched in Argentina and Chile in 2013 and is the first version of Coca Cola with stevia as a sweetener.
It has less Calories than Coca-Cola but more than the light and zero versions of the soft drink but unlike light and zero there are no artificial sweeteners in Coca Cola life.
It also contains sugar (less than the original version) and caffeine.

The high amount on artificial sweeteners in the calorie reduced versions of Coca Cola was something that has bothered us for some time now, as it is very important to us to eat (and drink) healthily.
For that reason we have eagerly awaited for the Coca Cola Life to be finally available in Switzerland.
We got to try it last week and we really like it, the taste difference from Coca Cola Life to the original is about the same as the difference between the already existing versions.
We already know and use stevia as a replacement for sugar for a while, and the Coca Cola Life shows us once again that it is the perfect alternative.
What we have noticed is that it tastes like it is less sparkling than the other versions, which might be because of the stevia. Still it is very tasty and refreshing and unmistakably Coca Cola.
We also really like the packaging, the green color is really fancy and stands perfectly for the more natural and healthy version of Coca Cola.

To sum up, we would say that the Coca Cola Life is a great alternative to the already existing versions of Coca Cola and we will definitely drink it in the future!

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